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Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan with an unusual move. He called a press conference tomorrow at 11.45 am at Raj Bhavan. The press conference was held while the war of words continued with the Prime Minister. Evidence of a Security Breach May Be Released at the History Congress

The Governor had earlier revealed that the Prime Minister had asked him for some favours. Governor Arif Muhammad Khan responded to the media that he would not say what was asked. The Chief Minister is also involved in the conspiracy against him in the Kannur Historical Congress. The Governor gathered against KT Jalil on the reference of Azad Kashmir. The Governor made another serious claim today after repeating that he would release the letters sent to him by the Prime Minister.

A question for the Governor who came to Thiruvananthapuram, what are the benefits that the Prime Minister asked for? Avoiding the answer, Arif Mohammad Khan turned on the Prime Minister who criticized him for constantly responding to the media. The governor said that some police officers who tried to stop the protest against him at the Kannur Historical Congress venue were banned from the venue. The video will also be released tomorrow. The governor is promoting KK Ragesh, the historic Congress organizer and now private secretary to the Prime Minister. Arif Muhammad Khan said that the attempt against him was not an attempt to kill him, but an attempt to silence him by intimidation. For the first time, the Governor has openly accused the Prime Minister of having a role in this, saying that he did not file a case even after tearing his ADC’s shirt and that he was part of the conspiracy.

The governor said that the ideology of CPM is not to accept opposing voices. Saji Cherian had to resign just because he said publicly what he used to say secretly in party classes against the constitution. The governor said that the address of Azad Kashmir KT Jalil was in Pakistani language. The governor’s response is to make it clear that there is no turning back. The government is also not ready to persuade. With this, I wonder what will happen in the letter released by the governor tomorrow.

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