A grand slam all of a sudden? MBC, Daesang made a mistake with Namgoong-min

Namgoong-min (center) made a bewildered expression at the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’. broadcast capture

At the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’, the word ‘Grand Slam of 3 Broadcasting Companies’ came out of nowhere. It was a mistake on the part of MBC, who misunderstood the award winning career of actor Namgoong-min, who received the grand prize.

On the 30th, the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’ was held at the MBC Public Hall in Sangam-dong. The grand prize was given to Namgoong-min, who received a lot of love for ‘Black Sun’.

At the awards ceremony, there was one mistake regarding Namgoong Min. MC Kim Seong-joo, who stood on stage with the script prepared by the production team, and Park Hae-jin, who was presented as the grand prize presenter, said that he had previously won the grand prize twice. However, Namgoong-min received the top prize for ‘Chief Kim’ at KBS in 2017, but never won the grand prize. Last year, SBS won the grand prize with ‘Stove League’. MBC’s mistake in preparing the script is regrettable.

In an on-site interview with Namgoong-min, Kim Seong-joo said, “He’s a strong candidate for the grand prize. If he wins the grand slam this time, a grand slam of the three broadcasting companies is possible.” When Namgoong-min said, “Common sense, I was thinking that way,” Kim Seong-joo asked again, “Do you remember. If you only receive MBC, it’s a grand slam.” Namgoong-min replied, “I’m not planning on that.”

Park Hae-jin, who was the grand prize presenter, said similar things. He said, “It has been a year since I received the grand prize at this place. It was the first time I received the grand prize. After receiving it, my heart was heavy for the whole year. I think Namgoong-min, who received that award twice, is really great.” On the camera, Namgoong-min was taken aback after hearing Park Hae-jin’s words.

After the grand prize was announced, Kim Seong-joo said, “I can’t leave out the story of the 3rd Grand Slam,” and asked Namgoong-min, “Is there a pioneering plan?” Namgoong-min, who was asked the question, replied, “Seongu-an seems to be an exaggerated expression,” without mentioning the Grand Slam.

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