A great Florida woman trap in Orlando is a day home

It's not the most comfortable feeling, and I know that there is a great aligator compatible outside your home.

For hours.

That's what one Florida woman was dealing with Thursday afternoon.

Victoria McCallister, of Orlando, told WESH 2 News that she was ready to leave her house when she saw the reptile 8-9 feet apart from the garage door.

It is not necessary to say, apart from outside phasing, McCallister asked animal services, who directed to contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The FWC told the TV station that a trapper was taken out to take the alligator out of its property, but it was not necessary to kill it because of its behavioral behavior.

An incident sent to the Miami Herald confirmed the incident.

"Trapper responded to FWC contract nuisance trapper calls to the Alligator Figuer Alligator Figures Alligator at 7210 Minippi Drive in Orlando," read the FWC email. "He had an alligator located next to the front door of that place. The alligator measured eight to nine feet."

The release goes on to say that people with an alligator's worry about hanging out on their property should call the FWC tissue alligator Lynel at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286).

"When a person who is worried about an alligator calls on the Universal Alligator Linens, we will put one of our contract nuisers alligator to solve the situation."

The gator received national attention, reporting Savannah Guthrie "Today on the mist of the Life of Friday.

"Oh!" Al Roker, Guthrie's colleague, said in the background. "WOW!"


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