A group brawl on a plane in Brazil

Inside the plane, people are crowded.

Looks like a fight has broken out.

The Brazilian flag plane preparing to take off was delayed due to a fight on board.

According to local media, a passenger asked another female passenger to give up her seat for her disabled child.

When the woman refused, the child’s mother became angry and began assaulting the female passenger.

The flight attendants intervened to stop him, but the argument turned into a family fight.

The flight turned into chaos, with slaps on the cheek and grabbing of the hair.

There was a delay of two hours due to this cuffing, and it was said that it was only possible to leave after the families involved had disembarked.

Netizens also said, “Couldn’t the family members on the table have surrendered?”

Many responded that they could not force concessions.

Today was noisy.

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