A guest who booked a pension 3 years ago and said he would come now “Why pay for the price increase?”

A message sent by a guest who asked to change the peak season date after booking a pension three years ago after hearing about the extra cost. / I’m sick, so I’m the boss

A story was told that a guest who had booked a pension during the off season in 2020 and changed their accommodation schedule to the peak season after 3 years asked the pension side why they had to pay additional fee. According to the standard terms and conditions for domestic travel, if conditions are changed at the request of a passenger and an additional amount is incurred, it must be settled before departure.

On the 9th, Mr. A, who runs a pension, an article on the self-employed community. Mr A explained the situation, saying, “Someone who booked on an off-season Sunday in 2020 asked to cancel 3 days ago due to rain forecast,” and “I sent a cancellation fee rule, so I wanted to change the date.” He continued, “According to the rules, it is impossible to change the date back 3 days, but I decided to do it.”

As usual, in case the timetable changed, Mr A said he had not set a time limit as he would contact him immediately. However, the customer contacted me a year later and asked for the desired date, but again there was no answer. A, who had been forgotten after the corona broke out, said he received a call from the customer a little while ago that he would book a place in July this year.

Mr A said, “There is a difference between the amount of the deposit at the time and the amount in July, which is peak season, so an additional amount is required.” The customer said, “The difference??? Do I have to reflect the price increase?” he asked back.

On the 10th, in a new post, Mr. And additional details about the conversation with the customer, saying, “I said this change order was the last, and he said he felt bad.”

A message exchanged between the owner of the pension and the guest of the reservation. / I’m sick, so I’m the boss

According to the content, Mr A said, “I think I should make this the last change because I have tailored it to the customer’s circumstances as much as possible.” Then the guest responded, “I’m not going for nothing, but I don’t know if I can visit in a good mood since you said that.” Mr said. And, “I don’t think it’s impolite to say that I’m afraid that the change to the schedule would be delayed for three years, and that the appointment would disappear again.” Then the customer said, “I feel like I can’t visit and talk to the boss while smiling face to face.”

Mr A said, “If that is the case, I will cancel 3 days in advance according to the rules at the time, and I will give you a 50% refund.” That’s how I feel right now.” He didn’t give his account number.

Netizens who saw this said, “It’s been 3 years, I’m not ashamed.” A refund is better.”

According to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards notified by the Fair Trading Commission, if a consumer wants to change the content of a contract due to an outbreak of a first class infectious disease, the business operator must change the content of the contract without penalty. This applies when a disaster has been declared in the host area, a serious level of infectious disease emergency information has been issued, or when the government has issued a travel postponement recommendation, such as social distancing. In addition, there is no provision for changing the content of the contract.

However, in accordance with the standard terms and conditions for domestic travel notified by the Fair Trade Commission, travel conditions such as accommodation rates can be changed at the request of the traveler and be agreed by both parties. At this time, if there is an increase in the price, the passenger must settle it before departure.


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