A Heartbreaking Lesson: Cat Owner Shares Tragic Tale of Vaccination Gone Wrong

Cat Owner’s Heartbreak: Lessons for Pet Vaccinations

A devastating incident has left a cat owner heartbroken and serves as a stark warning for all pet owners. The heart-wrenching story was shared by TikTok user @lilcat.luco, recounting the tragic loss of their beloved cat, Coco, due to an allergic reaction to a vaccine.

According to the owner, Coco was taken for his annual vaccinations at a regular clinic on September 24th. The vaccines administered included a combined vaccine and a rabies vaccine. Unfortunately, the doctor who administered the injection was unfamiliar with the cat’s medical history.

After the injection, the owner was not informed about waiting for any potential allergic reactions, which is a standard protocol that should be followed. Around 20 minutes later, Coco vomited multiple times and experienced swelling around his chin. These symptoms were only discovered at home, half an hour after leaving the clinic, prompting an immediate rush to the animal hospital.

Coco was quickly taken to the emergency room, where doctors tried to save him using oxygen and antihistamines for approximately two hours. However, his condition worsened, with alarming signs of weak breathing, low blood pressure, and blood clotting issues. The owner was faced with a heartbreaking decision when doctors asked if they should try using a pump to revive Coco’s failing heart.

Despite the best efforts of the medical professionals involved, Coco could not be saved, succumbing to the severe allergic reaction. In an attempt to prevent similar tragedies from occurring, the owner shared the entire incident on TikTok, urging caution for all pet owners, particularly cat owners, when it comes to vaccinations.

Following the post, the owner was asked about compensation for the hospital’s actions. They revealed that while the clinic offered to cover the full cost of the treatment, they declined the compensation. Their primary concern was to raise awareness and ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

Other viewers of the clip also shared their experiences and expressed their gratitude for highlighting this important issue. Many revealed that they were not aware of the need to wait and observe their pets for possible allergic reactions after vaccinations. They expressed their wishes for Coco to find eternal happiness on the “cat planet.”

This heart-rending story serves as a grim reminder that vigilance and immediate response are vital when it comes to our pets’ health. Pet owners must be aware of the potential risks associated with vaccinations and follow proper protocols to safeguard their beloved companions. Let Coco’s tragic tale be a valuable lesson for all.

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It crushes a cat owner’s heart. Owner shares a lesson Taking the child to be vaccinated Instead, he lost so violently that he died of shock.

It became a heartbreaking story after TikTok user @lilcat.luco posted a heartbreaking clip. After losing Coco, my beloved cat. From the cat’s allergic reaction to the vaccine Along with telling all the events To be a warning to cat owners. Be careful because you might come across a situation similar to what the person who posted the clip came across.

The owner told the detail on September 24th, We took Coco for 2 annual vaccinations: combined vaccine (brand new, unvaccinated) and rabies vaccine. (old brand injected before) at the regular clinic (Doctor Wian does not work at the clinic. But the doctor who gave the injection had never seen him before)

After the injection, a payment was made. Actually, the doctor had to wait 15-20 minutes to see if the cat was allergic to it, but the doctor didn’t let him know this time. As for me, I am complacent.

About 20 minutes after the injection ended and at home, Coco vomited 4-5 piles in a row and her body started to swell (around her chin) which we only saw at home half an hour later. The total time after the injection was 1 hour and then he was rushed to the emergency room at the animal hospital.

The doctor rushed him to the emergency room and gave him oxygen and antihistamines for about 2 hours. The doctor came and said, “The cow vomited blood. If breathing is stopped, will you agree to put a pump on your heart?” We quickly replied, “Pump.”

After that, there were symptoms of weak breathing, low blood pressure, and symptoms of blood clots. slow blood clotting low potassium and waited for oxygen and saline for 3 hours and taken to admin at another animal hospital Because the room was full

Despite being transferred to hospital, little Coco eventually died from a severe allergic reaction.

Then the owner made a clip telling the whole incident. To serve as a warning to people who keep animals. Especially the cat When taking your cat for vaccinations, don’t be complacent. You have to wait to see the symptoms for about 30 minutes first because if the cat has an allergic reaction. He will be able to help immediately.

Not long after posting the clip Someone came in and asked, “I would like to know if something like this happens. Has the hospital made good compensation?” was the owner of the clip He replied, “The clinic is happy to pay the full cost of the treatment. But we didn’t get it. I just want the clinic to get better and warn the doctor. I do not want this case to happen again.

In addition, there were people who said that “After the injection, the doctor always told me to go home, but I found out from the owner of the channel that I had to wait. I wish Coco a happy journey back to the cat planet.”

“When our injections were finished, the doctor told us to wait and see if the little one had an allergic reaction. And he also gave us antihistamines in case he had an allergy. We want all clinics to do this. This will reduce the risk.”

“I always take my little one for shots and then go home. Just found out from this clip I have to wait. Thank you so much for coming out and sharing little Coco’s story.” “Oh, my heart is broken.” “I hope you go running and have a lot of fun and happiness. On the planet cat, child,” etc.

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