“A” Hey won “Best MC in Asia” again at the Asian Television Awards 2020

Super grateful! A-Warawut Jane Thanakun Big Boss Sense Entertainment received the beginning of the year when it won the Best Host of Asia Award (WINNER Award for BEST ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTER / HOST) from the program. 5 Golden Rings From the grand television awards ceremony, the 25th Asian Television Awards 2020 (ASIAN TELEVISION AWARDS 2020) was announced from Singapore.

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Evravut said “It is an honor Once again in my life that I received an award. “Best Host of Asia”, which is the second time that received this award. The first time awarded was 2018 from a list of ten to a million. Still Standing Thailand And this time in 2020, receive this award again from Channel 7HD’s 5-Thousand 5 Golden Rings list.

It’s good news since the beginning of the year. I would like to thank all the judges and organizers from all over Asia who voted for me to receive this award. Although this award is my reward But I would like to give this award to the whole team because we have worked so hard in the past. To produce bile items It is both fun and entertaining. To have new creativity non-stop For the audience, fans of the program can get good things from the program to the fullest. “

The announcement of this result comes in New Normal format. You can watch the tapes of the announcement again. On Sunday, this 24th Jan at 00.20 on Channel 7HD.

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