A high school student hid a mobile phone in the school desk and filmed a female teacher… 80 photos and videos found

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At a high school in Gwangju, there was a report that a male student in his third year had illegally filmed his teacher, and the police launched an investigation.

He is said to have hidden his mobile phone under the school desk and secretly filmed female teachers.

It was confirmed that dozens of photos and videos were stored on the student’s mobile phone.

Reporter Lim Ji-eun reported.

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A private high school in Gwangju.

On the 5th, a report was received that a student was illegally filming a part of the teacher’s body in the classroom where the Korean language class was in progress.

At the end of the class after school, the teacher found a mobile phone under the school table.

I had the camera function turned on and the screen brightness set to darkest.

The police, who arrived after receiving the report, checked the mobile phone on the spot, and found around 80 photos and videos of the teacher’s body.

It turned out that the owner of the mobile phone was a third year high school boy.

The police, who began the investigation, booked this student on charges of violating the Act on Special Cases relating to the Punishment of Crimes of Sexual Violence, and obtained additional photos and videos by analyzing digital evidence from cell phones.

Inside the school, it is known that a number of teachers claim to have suffered from illegal filming using the same method.

The Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education announced that it will quickly introduce measures to prevent teachers from becoming victims of sexual crimes in the educational field.

[광주광역시 교육청 관계자]

“In order to further strengthen the protection of educational activities through education to prevent the crime of educational activities…”

Meanwhile, the school held a school rights protection committee and expelled a student for illegal filming.

This is Lim Ji-eun from MBC News.

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