A highly cost-effective mouse that provides a charging dock won for 59,900 [DAREU A950 게이밍 마우스] : Dana and DPG DPG my heart

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darling oil. A brand specializing in mice, keyboards, and PC peripherals. When I first came across domestic delivery products, it was hard to find any differences from other products. However, if you look at the recently released products, there are many products that reflect the cost-effectiveness concept very well. The design is also lovely and colorful. In fact, the number of people looking for it has increased to the extent that some of the recently launched specials are selling out quickly. Maybe that means more people are being recognized and looking for it.

The ‘DAREU A950 Gaming Mouse’, which will be introduced in this review, is a new product from DAREU, which is about to be released soon. Uniquely, it supports 2.4Gh wireless, Bluetooth, wired, and three connection methods, and has an AIM-WL (PIXART) sensor and has specifications that comply with 12,000FPS, 12,000DPI, 300IPS, and 30G. A self-developed switch called KBSII is applied and the lifetime is about 50 million times. It has a large capacity battery, so it can be used for 12 days when connected to 2.4Gh wirelessly and 30 days when connected to Bluetooth. Best of all, it is quite convenient because it supports a charging dock. Of course, dedicated software is also provided. Let’s see what it actually looks like through the review now.

unbox. It looks like it has been carefully wrapped in plastic and packaging. You can check the seal, main features, and specifications.

A mouse, receiver, USB C to Type A cable, charging dock, grip tape, and user manual are included as standard components.

It is black in color with an irregular dot pattern added to the matte material. He seems to want to express the stars in the night sky, but it seems to be a point where likes and dislikes are different. Except for the side buttons, it is symmetrical, so both hands can be used.

It’s a detachable button, so it provides a clear click and a sense of distinction. A self-developed switch called KBSII (Key Force Balance System) is applied and you can feel the same click feeling no matter where you click the left and right buttons. The sound is also light. However, the repulsive force of the wheel button is quite strong, so if you use this button often, your fingers may feel tired.

The size of the mouse is 123 × 64 × 39 mm and the weight is 88 g. Since it has a large capacity 930mAh battery to ensure usage time, it has no choice but to weigh to some extent. Although it is a wireless product, it can be used in wired mode or charged by connecting a Type C cable.

Apart from the color, if you look at the side, you can see that it is a classic design. The middle part is higher than the palm side, so you can feel the grip similar to the in-op.

lower part. Feet are located at the top, middle and bottom respectively. Of course, the vinyl must be removed before use. In the middle, you can see the sensor and the magnetic charging port, the 2.4Gh / OFF / BT switch, and the Bluetooth pairing button, and the receiver is located under the bottom cover.

It has an AIM-WL (PIXART) sensor and can be set from 400 to 12,000 for wired, 2.4Gh, and from 800 to 1600 for Bluetooth mode. The response rate is also different at 1000Hz for wired and 2.4Gh and 125Hz for Bluetooth mode. The battery usage is also available for 12 days in case of 2.4Gh and 30 days in case of Bluetooth mode.

Basically, this product provides a charging dock. There is also a way to connect a cable and receiver to use as a receiver. Because it is magnetic, it is easy to attach and detach, and it fits well with the current trend by adding an LED function. Of course, OFF is also possible. You might wonder if there’s a big difference with or without a charging dock, but once you use it, it’s more convenient than cable charging.

My hands are about F9 to F10 size. As you can see from the classic symmetrical design, the middle part is high, so it was most comfortable to hold the product with the palm grip. Since it is a matte material, there is no problem or discomfort such as slipping or sweating. As mentioned earlier, the click sensitivity is uniform and decent. It is a bit disappointing that the pressure of the wheel button is not clear enough to tell the difference.

a dedicated program. It supports button setting, battery level display, macro setting, profile file setting, DPI setting and color change, polling rate, sleep mode setting, etc. The Korean menu is not supported, but it is not difficult to understand.

in GAME performance is mediocre. It showed a balanced appearance with no tendency towards braking or sliding, and it was possible to operate without delay in 2.4Gh and Bluetooth environments. Of course, be careful as wireless may show differences depending on your personal environment. Most of the wireless products reduce the LED effect to reduce battery consumption, but this product seems to fill the missing part of the charging dock. Of course, ON / OFF is also possible, so let’s adjust it according to your taste.

Although inexpensive wireless mice have proliferated, each manufacturer has few features due to the common use of low-power sensors. Nevertheless, the ‘DAREU A950 Gaming Mouse’ introduced in this review supports three connection methods, wired, 2.4Gh, and Bluetooth, and has decent specifications, and even supports a magnetic charging dock. Although the durability of the internal advanced switch is the key, it will naturally be revealed by word of mouth from users over time. The click and grip feel is good, and the sliding and braking balance is balanced. The price is expected to be set at 59,900 won, which is a staggering price, so even consumers who are not familiar with the Daryu brand think that it is a price worth buying.

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