A huge ‘rainwater tunnel’ at Gangnam Station and Gwanghwamun by 2027


After experiencing document major rain not prolonged in the past, the federal government declared that it would construct a large rainwater tunnel in downtown Seoul.

In addition, reporter Park Young-min will inform you what actions had been taken to get ready for flood injury.


On the 8th, the Dorimcheon location, where it rained far more than 100mm for every hour, was flooded with muddy drinking water pouring on to the road.

The h2o gathered in Dorimcheon flows out into the Han River by Anyangcheon, but in the approach, the h2o that could not drain out flowed back again into the environment.

[도림천 인근 주민 : “빨리 차오르죠. 왜냐면 관악산에서부터 여기로 물이 다 내려오니까. 도림천에서 물이 못 빠져나가면 역류해 버리는거야.”]

In the finish, in a semi-subterranean household about 400 meters absent from Dorimcheon, 3 users of the spouse and children died in the flood.

Initial of all, the government made the decision to create a pilot system of ‘Artificial Intelligence Flood Forecasting’ in the Dorimcheon spot by subsequent 12 months, which analyzes the sum of precipitation, river amount, and sewage movement and notifies residents 6 hours just before the flood occurred.

Centered on this, he announced that he would aid evacuate minimal-lying residents by increasing the present-day flood forecast predominantly for 75 key rivers throughout the place to 218 across the nation.

Drainage amenities will also be expanded.

The Ministry of Setting ideas to construct a spillway immediately from the Dorimcheon Stream to the Han River in consultation with the Seoul Metropolitan Governing administration.

At the exact same time, the Gangnam Station and Gwanghwamun area, which are spots that undergo frequent flooding, have decided to boost a ‘large rainwater tunnel’ to face up to up to 110mm of rain for every hour.

[신진수/환경부 물관리정책실장 : “내년부터 신속하게 설계에 착수해서 2027년에 완공할 계획입니다.”]

By altering the sewage structure requirements, we made the decision to set up further services to stop falls within the manhole.

The Ministry of Environment plans to devote 1.5 trillion gained in flood command assignments by 2027, and strategies to enhance sewerage improvements and nationwide river upkeep budgets by almost 50% future year.

This is Park Youthful-min from KBS Information.

Cinematographer: Hwang Jong-received / Movie Modifying: Park Eun-joo / Graphics: Kim Seok-hoon

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