A human rights approach to age care is welcomed at peak dementia

Dementia in Australia today welcomed the release of the Australian Greens policy and their human rights approach to age care.

Dementia Australia Chief Executive Australia McCabe said that our goal is to promote the independence, independence and human rights of people with dementia.

“We are committed to a vision for a world where people living with dementia are respected, taken into account and receive the care and support they choose,” said Ms McCabe.

“Over half of residents living in residential care have a diagnosis of dementia and usually have higher care needs than non-dementia residents, with around 70 per cent of people living with dementia. dementia in the community.

“It is clear that supporting people with dementia must have an impact on health reform, old age and disability reform in recent years.

“The additional commitments in the policy to increase home care packages, staff contact hours for residential care, and to take account of staff numbers and ratios are commended.

“The emphasis is on reducing overuse and chemical abuse and physical restraint in line with Australia's long-standing position and this must be a priority for all parties.

“We look forward to hearing from all political parties ahead of the forthcoming Federal election and how they intend to raise the issues surrounding dementia to the lives of people of all ages living with all types of dementia, their families and carers. to improve. ”

About the Federal Budget Australia South Australia submission go to https://www.dementia.org.au/files/submissions/Dementia-Australia_FEDERAL_Pre-Budget-submission-2019-20.pdf


Dementia Australia is the national body and charity for people of all ages living with all types of dementia, their families and carers. It provides advocacy, support services, education and information. Some 436,000 people in Australia are estimated to have dementia. This number is expected to reach almost 1.1 million by 2058. Dementia Australia is Alzheimer's new voice in Australia. Australian Government supports Australian Dementia services.

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(The National Dementia Helpline is an Australian Government initiative). Dementia is a National Health Priority Area

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