A is looking forward to A.J. Puk, Jake Diekman can make constant bullying in play pressure

The A's had been said to be in the mix for some of the stars that were available at the MLB trade deadline last month. Instead, they went with a Roark Tanner.

And, as they are seen in their 5-3 win over the Yankees Thursday night at Oakland Coliseum, one could make the case better.

Roark launched its third post in a post, limiting the Bronx Bombers gifts to seven goals and running two over 6 1/3 incorporating seven. The final result? Finishing brush of the best team in the AL.

The sweeps finished without Liam Hendriks closer, who got the night after spending five days except Wednesday. Perhaps even more impressive, Oakland did so without the help of a single house running.

This huge array emerges in another significant series, in which Ministers with three out of four from Astros, the pioneer of AL West, who will set one victory behind New York for the best record of the league.

It wins in seven – well, it really is seven of the eight – it's quite big. It is difficult to forget a high level competition.

"It shows what kind of clubhouse we have, what kind of man we have here," Roark said to reporters after the victory. "Fostering and trusting each other, if someone doesn't do the job the first time, someone else will pick them up next time. That's what it is."

To get Roark from the Reds, forced to join the Jameson Hannah's top-10 prospect. It is likely to cost much more for Oakland to put one of the available stars on the ground, but it seems that the price was somewhat sharp at the time.

It's not more.

In each of its four starts with the A, at least five have been worn by Roark with no more than two earned bicycles (for a total of seven). In his previous four years he begins with Cincinnati, he never gave up five innings, and never allowed less than two races (for 16 in total).

With the A finishing the brush, and the Indians suffering three-game walking at the Mets, Oakland jumped into the first spot of a wild card AL, but percentage points ahead of Tampa Bay. On the other hand, the Reds will not come to the fore.

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It is clear that Roark has responded well to its new environment, and that if the A would try to get a place in a wild card, it must be imagined that it will be much happier than it would have been. it without trading.

If Roark keeps this up, you can bet that the Units will also feel the same way.

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