Home World “A Japanese princess who chose to love and became a commoner, the monthly rent for a newlywed house is 5.7 million won?”… hilarious

“A Japanese princess who chose to love and became a commoner, the monthly rent for a newlywed house is 5.7 million won?”… hilarious

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[이데일리 이선영 기자] The luxurious New York life of former Japanese princess Mako (30), who changed her status from royalty to commoner by marrying an ordinary person, was revealed through paparazzi photos. Previously, Princess Mako announced that she and her husband would live a normal life with a dual income, but as his expensive honeymoon rent became known, criticism is rising among some Japanese.

On the 22nd (local time), the British media Daily Mail published several photos of Princess Mako’s daily life and said, “Former Princess Mako, who abandoned her royal status in the topic of discussion last month, became the first commoner in New York with her husband Komuro Kei (30). I am enjoying life.”

Former Princess Mako Komuro of Japan takes off her mask and checks her identity at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on the 14th to leave for the United States with her husband. (Photo = Reuters News 1)

According to reports, Princess Marco’s newlyweds are living in a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, New York. Although it is a one-room apartment, it has a fitness center, yoga studio, spa, golf driving range, and barbecue facilities, and it is a luxury apartment close to attractions such as Central Park and Lincoln Center. The rent for the one-room apartment where Princess Marco lives is $4,809 a month (about 5.7 million won). Marco Komuro decided to go to New York’s retail store ‘ on the 19th (local time) to provide the necessary living expenses for her new newlyweds. I went to the ‘Bed Bath & Beyond’ store. According to the media, Mako bought bath towels, coat hangers, baskets, and kitchen towels at the store alone without a bodyguard. He added that Mako was wearing a long coat, a black top and jeans, which was more modest than his usual casual attire.

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The difficulties of living in New York were also glimpsed. On the way back from the shopping, Princess Mako could not find the way, so she asked the people around her for directions several times, and she went back several times.

Mako is the nephew of Emperor Naruhito and the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito, who is the first in line to the throne. Currently, former Princess Mako has given up on a temporary settlement of about 1.5 billion won, which she can receive when she leaves the royal family.

Her husband Komuro Kei passed the bar exam in the United States in July and returned to Japan in September to get married, but in the end, he did not pass the bar exam. Komuro plans to take the test again in February next year. As Komuro failed to obtain a lawyer’s license in the United States, it is known that Mako is thinking of working as a dual-income earner.

However, as the monthly rent for the newlyweds of Princess Mako and Princess Mako became known, criticism is rising among the Japanese. There are also claims that not only expensive apartments, but also personally hired employees are carrying the couple’s feet to and from the apartment. She said she would live a normal life while working with her husband, but in reality, there are many voices saying that she is living a luxurious life that is no different from when she was a princess.


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