A Japanese woman shared a picture of her grandmother from 50 years ago, so beautiful and stylish, I know who she looks good on.

A legacy of beauty! A Japanese model sharing a picture of her grandmother when she was young stunned social media Because it is so beautiful and very stylish. Do you know who the good looking grandchildren are?

In the past year, “Mirei”, a young model from Japan, created a sensation on social media. When she posted a picture of her grandmother from 50 years ago (grandmother is now 70), she said she looked good!

From the picture of a grandmother in her 20s, full of youth Her face was radiant. He has long wavy hair and wears fashionable clothes. Everything is charming. Although time has passed since 50 years, it still looks beautiful. causing the image to quickly go viral and was also mentioned on TV

said Mirei Her grandmother is good at cooking and cooks delicious food. On New Year’s Day, she cooks herself. Be it homemade ice cream soba Baumkuchen (wooden cake) and other cakes, she even said, “Grandma’s cooking skills are the best in the world!”

This event, netizens are not waiting to see the beauty of this pair of grandparents. They all said with one voice that Mirei had inherited the horror from her grandmother. “I really like Grandma”, “Grandma must be half-breed”, “Okay, mini skirts have been popular since 50 years ago”, “Granddaughter looks so much like Grandma!” , “Wow, the bridge of the nose”.

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