A kiss from a captured cobra; A snake bites a young man on the lip; Video | snake bite | anti poison | cobra | poison | manorama news

After catching the cobra, the snake crawled away after biting the young man’s lips and kissing him. The young man who was bitten was brought to the hospital in time, so that his life could be saved. The incident took place in Bhadravathi Bommanakatai, Karnataka. The video of the young man kissing the cobra is now viral on social media.

After catching the snake, the young man tried to kiss it, but the snake bit him on the lips. The bitten youth threw the snake away. During this time, the snake crawls away and the onlookers trying to catch the snake can be seen in the video. A young man called Alex who was bitten has survived the accident. The number of people taking part in such adventurous activities after catching a snake has gone viral on social media and the number of accidents due to it is increasing. Watch the video.

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