A lack of back-back may be interesting

This is a fun game for the players to show their talent and to connect with the fans. I took some things to look at this fall as well. In the fall, when most of the class comes in 2019, the deep chart will officially shake with the things we see on the pitch during the first game. But, some of the performances on Saturday with a few players could help raise their position on the team.

The biggest pick-up time from the spring game is from the current rear site. I know that the main ball carrier behind Reggie Corbin will be this season. Of course, Corbin is to begin. He has a chance to jump up the draft NFL charts. This child will have a special year. But, who will be his main reserve?

Initially, Mike Epstein was projected as the primary backup for Corbin. When the 2019 campaign starts, I don't know the same. I think there is a legit shot that we get to see Jakari Norwood as a backup for Corbin for most of the season.

Norwood was not a high rate recruit coming into the program. He was a three star recruit who was a player No. 2170 in class 2018 and No. 134 running back in the nation. However, this child had so much speed. He was electric in high school. He's bringing that to the Illini now. I think it fits your Rod Smith system better than any other backup system that goes back. He had a 52-yard town during the spring game. I would not be surprised to see it as our main reserve in 2019.

This does not mean that other current times will not get playing. Smith's contribution is a high-energy scheme that requires multi-running making the rock. Our current back will be tired. I could see three current runs getting each game. By the end of the season I could see the chart deep looking like Corbin, Norwood, Dre Brown, Mike Epstein, RaynVon Bonner and Kenyon Sims. All of these players, however, have talent.

Forward: Illini defense line projected with Oluwole Betiku Jr.

It will be interesting to see who comes behind Corbin. I think Norwood has the chance to be the main backup to start the season, and my main message is to have the main backup job at the end of the season.

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