A license is mandatory for 15 jobs in the field of vehicle repair A license is mandatory for 15 jobs in the field of vehicle repair.

Jeddah: A work permit is mandatory for 15 jobs in the vehicle repair sector from June 2023. The Ministry of Civic, Rural Affairs and Housing has clarified which jobs require a license to prove technical skills in the field of car repair. No occupation after June 1 without a license.

Radiator Technician, Vehicle Glass Installer, Vehicle Mechanic, Engine Turning Technician, Automotive Inspection Technician, Light Vehicle Maintenance Technician, Vehicle Electrician, Brake Mechanic, Body Worker, Vehicle Upholstery, Vehicle Body Plumber, Vehicle Air Conditioner Mechanic, Vehicle Thermal Insulation Technician A license is mandatory for Vehicle Lubricant Technician positions.

This is part of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness of the need for professional license certificates for workers in commercial sectors. An occupational license is prescribed as one of the conditions for the practice of skilled trades and for the issue and renewal of commercial licenses to such establishments. This will stimulate and empower the private sector and facilitate the work of investors.

It will also contribute to improving the quality of services provided to customers. The ministry has asked the beneficiaries to make sure they have the license and do the transactions with the licensed skilled workers.

This will ensure the quality of service provided and compensation for compensation in accidents. The ministry said that if you enter through the link provided for the work permit, you can get the permit in simple and easy steps.