A little less! Open the ratings for the first episode. Necklace Saban Nga, the pair of hopes for Channel 3

It is another drama that many people have been waiting to see for the story of Soi Saban-Nga, a red bow drama by the talented organizer “Nok Jariya”.

the matter is Romantic drama-drama written by “Umarikar Tv” by “Danya Sapying” directed by “Adul Prayanto” and “Wasin Samanyakul” ready to grab the fans. Looking forward to returning to work again such as “Baifern Pimchanok” and “Mr. Naphat”

The story is going on in a fun way, plus there is a cute corner of the pair of Phra Nang Nai – Baifern to watch throughout the story. And yesterday, we had already posted on the screen for us to see each other already. But when looking at the launch rating of only 2.004, which is still not very high But I can see the intentions of the actors and all the staff reallyYes



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