A look at the series of new games expected in the second half of this year

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the big one is coming The game community was excited with the release of the ambitious artisan game ‘Elden Ring’ during the first half of the year, and 2022 is estimated to be the year of the biggest game ever. From FIFA to Harry Potter, Batman, and Avatar based on movies. We took a look at the new game lineups that are scheduled to be released in the second half of 2022 and 2023 that will make the hearts of Korean gamers who are crazy about games and live in beat games.

September September 23
“I can’t stand Park Ji-sung’s hero card”
FIFA is already looking forward to its 30th game update. There are many big and small updates in FIFA 23, but there are three things to note. First, the hero card of Park Ji-Sung, the first person in the original Doyu-no Corps, is added. Park Ji-Sung’s ‘Summer’ recruitment on the PUT Hero Card excites me. As the Premier League champions with an assist in just 36 seconds against Chelsea, there’s good reason. Hero players added together in version 23 include Yaya Toure and Ricardo Kadvalyu. Secondly, for the first time in the FIFA series, a women’s league will be created. If there was only a women’s national team in the current FIFA, women’s club teams appeared for the first time with the addition of the English FA Women’s Super League and the French Division 1 Women’s League. You can also play the World Cup, so don’t miss it. And finally, the wishes of many users came true. Finally, I could play as a real manager. More than 360 directors from all over the world have been added. If I don’t like the manager of the club I’m currently cheering for, I can delete him. You can also play by assigning them to your own custom team that you have created to suit your taste. Why not collect the top 10 members and make the strongest corps? No matter who Heung-Min Son, Mbappe or Holland choose, the winner is the winner.
release date September 30
play PS4, PS5, PC
price Standard 83,000 won / Ultimate edition 116,000 won

gotham nights october
“It’s team Batman without Batman, but we’re fine.”
A new work that will thrill those who love the DC universe. It is a new series of Batman games that will succeed Batman Arkham Knight. The main plot is the story of ‘Owl Court’, set in Gotham City, which has become a lawless zone of criminal gangs. No need to be disappointed because it’s a game without Batman. After Batman’s death, four characters from the Batman family who staunchly defend Gotham City appear. It has 5 areas in Gotham City, and includes details that have been shown in comics and TV movies. The amount of action has been increased by being able to play each of the four characters alternately full of personality, such as detective mode that uses augmented reality to solve, battle play that has a thrilling feeling of hitting and action play, and action play stealthily . Single player play as well as co-op (CO-OP) where two or more players cooperate to play a mission together is possible. There are 4 characters in total, so let’s form a 4 person pod before the release in October.
release date October 21st
play PS5, XS Series, PC
price Standard 87,800 won / Deluxe 119,900 won

November God of War Ragnarok
“Where are you going to go? I’m taking GOTY this year.”
It is one of the most anticipated games to be released on PlayStation in the second half of 2022. Also, some gamers must be worried that the release date would be delayed. A 30-second main trailer was released in July, and a release was confirmed in November. As you can see from the word ‘Ragnarok’, this God of War will deal with Ragnarok seriously by adding the main characters Thor and Odin, the main characters of Norse mythology. Note that the appearance of Marvel’s handsome Thor is not what we usually think of. Unlike the previous work, where you can travel to 6 of the 9 worlds that form the background of Norse mythology, in this new work, all regions are open. The vast world view and each character’s story is varied, so if you are a beginner who wants to play after watching this trailer, we recommend that you study the world view analysis video and description video character first. The previous work ‘God of War’ was selected as GOTY (Game of the Year) in 2018 after being evaluated as a ‘new work’, can it be evaluated as a new work again? This year, there are strong contenders. Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West. Who will be the main character of GOTY? That’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to November.
release date November 9
play PS5, XS Series, PC
price Standard KRW 79,800 / Digital Deluxe KRW 89,800

January four speeches
“Am I, an ordinary woman living in New York, an archmage in another world?”
A new IP game from Square Enix, famous for producing the Final Fantasy series. The background is Asia, another world. This is typical Japanese water from another world, but if it were made in the US, it might be different. It’s a game where you use magic to defeat enemies, but if you look at the gameplay, it’s much more lively and of better quality than playing with weapons like moving and hitting. With Ella Berlinska in the lead as Holland, the protagonist of Force Forken, and real actors like Janina Gavanka and Kaela Settle, you can look forward to directing as a film. Sony signed a two-year console contract instead of one. This is enough that the world is paying attention to Phospho Big.
release date January 24
play PS4, PS5
price Standard KRW 79,800 / Digital Deluxe KRW 89,800

February The legacy of Hogwarts
“My New Hogwarts History”
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is one of the most anticipated games among console game light users, but the release date of Harry Potter Legacy has been delayed. If you were expecting to see Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron at Hogwarts in the late 1800s, you might be a little disappointed. Become a Hogwarts student, set up your own dormitory, take magic classes you want to learn, and use your free time to explore hidden areas. Being a game with a high degree of freedom, you can even choose the space you want to visit, like playing what you want. For information, you will examine on a magic broom. Even the creator’s remark that he tried to implement all the magic spells in the original, ‘Wingardium Leviosa’, can cast this spell. Harry Potter is perfect. Now all that is left is to prepare to become a wizard.
release date February 10
play PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC
price Standard 96,600 won / Deluxe 109,800 won

Expected work in 2023

red desert
“Black Desert? No, now it’s a spicy red desert from Korea. “
A domestic game that stands out proudly among foreign game companies. It is upgraded from the previous MMORPG game Black Desert Online. For better quality, this time the console game was changed to an open world game. It is expected to show a different flavor by producing a new IP as opposed to the previous work, which is the Black Desert worldview. Currently, a total of 4 characters in the game ‘Macduff Mercenaries’ have been released. Rumor has it that it was borrowed from Macduff, the character of ‘Macbeth’ among Shakespeare’s four great tragedies. After the trailer was released, a new meme arose saying that the background of ‘Jon Snow’ in Game of Thrones was removed, and in the meantime, there was a lot of criticism about whether a very medieval water was made in Korea. In such high-end games, the most important software, the game engine, is the most important, and it is said to be produced using the next generation engine produced directly by Pearl Abyss, not the current game engine. Domestic game users also expect that it will become a red desert as a good quality AAA game by investing a large amount of production cost in Korea. Whether it is due to the corona virus, the current release schedule is not transparent.
release date 2023
play PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC

Pandora frontier avatar
“How long are you waiting? Let’s release some now!”
James Cameron’s ‘Avatar 2’ will finally be released in December 2022. In line with this, an avatar game is also being released. Director James Cameron’s Avatar, which attracted 10 million viewers at the time of its release, marked a milestone in fantasy science fiction at the time in 2009. Graphics that could not be realized at the time and a worldview that could not be seen anywhere else. What if you could turn a movie into a game full of content that the whole world would rave about? The solid foundation of the worldview and story for the success of one film has already been evaluated. ‘Frontier of Pandora’ is a story that plays the role of a bridge between the 2009 film ‘Avatar’ and the second film ‘Water Path’ in 2022. An adaptation of the mysterious creatures of Pandora and battle scenes from the film. The quality of the game was guaranteed as Disney asked to produce a new Star Wars IP game after seeing the graphic perfection of Pandora’s Avatar Frontier.
release date 2023
play PS5, Xbox, PC

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