A major bug was discovered again, “Pokémon Crystal Diamond/Bright Pearl” is the best developed series in history | 4Gamers

This time, “Pokémon Crystal Diamonds/Bright Pearls” can be said to be full of bugs. After copying the bugs, two major bugs affecting the balance of the game were caught in the past two days. They are “free to learn any move”. And “Open before level 100
Extreme training”.

Also because it is related to the game experience and major balance, we will not talk about too detailed methods here, but basically, this series of bugs are all derived from the problems of the menu itself.

The first is the bug about the moves. This time it is the bug that uses the menu and key combination. The worst part of this bug is that you can let Pokémon learn any moves you want it to have, including moves that shouldn’t be there. Therefore, there will be unexpected serious balance problems on the battlefield.

Next is to open individual values ​​early. As far as normal conditions are concerned, you need to train Pokémon to level 100 before you can open the extreme training, and you can increase the individual value, but this bug also uses the menu to make the Pokémon with a level of 100 or above undergoes extreme special training, so that Pokémon with high individual value can be raised more quickly.

We have previously reported that the “Pokémon Crystal Diamond/Bright Pearl” copy Pokémon/props bug reappeared, plus the two bugs that were disclosed yesterday, so from the current known bugs, this time “Pokémon” All the cultivation elements of “Jing Can Diamond/Bright Pearl” have shortcuts to take, and it has become the best generation of “Pokémon” works in the past.

All possessions (props/baby balls, etc.): Copy the bug.

Pokémon: Copy the bug.

Individual value: Less than 100 levels can take advantage of extreme special training bugs in advance.

Effort value: Rely on unlimited resale to buy a large number of training items.

Moves: You can freely choose to learn bugs.

In addition, due to the same reasoning in the menu bug, foreign players have discovered that they can automatically produce the lusty Pokémon you want (but they need another lusty Pokémon as a sacrifice), which can only be said because of the menu The problem of this time, the outsourced remake was almost completely broken. However, I would like to remind you again that you must think clearly before using bugs, “it is possible” to take risks in the future.



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