A makeover from Pokkori’s stomach !! Director Shinjo of Nippon-Ham is also astonished “The relationship of trust has deepened” | Full-Count

After retirement, Masao Kida, a farmer who was hungry, took the lead in dieting.

Director Tsuyoshi Shinjo, the “Big Boss” of Nippon-Ham, updated his Instagram on the 10th. I posted about the “biggest surprise” I found in the newcomer’s joint voluntary training on the 9th. The stomach of Masao Kida, the 2nd army director, who had been enthusiastic about the appearance reform, was brilliantly retracted while he was off.

Director Shinjo said, “Even the Kida 2nd Army coach has succeeded in losing more than 5 kilograms. I was happy that my boss immediately realized the importance of doing it himself. The relationship of trust has deepened. ” He spells out his trust in Kida 2 Army Director, who has demonstrated the importance of “changing” himself.

Kida 2nd Army coach, who is nominally 187 cm tall and weighs 100 kg, was hungry until last season. In Kamagaya, where the leaders met on the 9th, it became slim enough to close the front button of the suit. How far will the players who have shown this “result” change this time?

[See the actual photo]Kida 2nd Army Director, who was hungry, was alongside Shinjo Big Boss …



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