A male actor’s surprise confession that he actually loved Freesia exploded

A male actor surprisedly confessed that he actually loved YouTuber Freesia (Jia Song).

As soon as this news was delivered, the comment window went into an uproar.

Freesia / Hereafter Freesia Instagram

On the 21st, a post titled ‘Solo Hell Performer Who Said He Loved Freesia’ was uploaded to the community Thekuo and drew attention. Here was an interview with Newsis of the male performer.

The main character who confessed that he actually loved Freesia is actor Choi Si-hoon.

Sihoon Choi was unable to form the final couple with Freesia in ‘Solo Hell’. Freesia became the final couple with health trainer Kim Hyun-joong on the program.

Si-Hoon Choi / Si-Hoon Choi's Instagram
Si-Hoon Choi / Si-Hoon Choi’s Instagram

In an interview with Newsis, Choi Si-hoon said, “I fell in love with (Song) Jia for a while. At the time, I thought that she really liked me. (To Kim Hyun-joong) I had a lot of time to say, ‘Come and talk to me too.’ Wouldn’t it?” It was the happiest day of my life,” he said.

He continued, “(Jia Song) has a charm that captivates people. We talked little by little while cooking and lighting a fire, but the trembling was different. When I looked at him from the outside, I thought he was just a pretty and flashy person, but when we talked about it, it was different. Doesn’t Jia (Song) call herself ‘cute and sexy’ to meet her. It’s really attractive. It made me fall in love.”

Choi Si-hoon
Choi Si-hoon

When Choi Si-hoon’s surprise interview became known, the comment window went into an uproar. The following is a comment posted on the 21st community Theku. (View all comments)

Community Duck
Community Duck


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