A man in Bratislava threatened a woman with a knife, the police intervened!

The police started criminal prosecution for Sunday’s (September 17) incident in one of the houses in Bratislava. The man had threatened the woman with a knife during the conflict. He did not respond to the policemen’s calls to put him down. They then used a service taser against him. TASR was informed about this by Bratislava regional police spokesman Michal Szeiff.

today 12:34

“The man did not respond to the policemen’s repeated calls, the armed man moved towards the policemen, and when he did not put down the knife even after several repeated calls, the policemen, in strict compliance with the law, used a service taser against him. The man was subsequently pacified, handcuffed and escorted to the police station department to carry out further actions,” he said.

In this context, the police started a criminal prosecution in the matter of the criminal act of dangerous threats committed in a more serious manner and against a protected person. “After carrying out the necessary actions, the man was placed in a police custody cell,” the spokesperson added.

AUTHENTIC footage from the police chase in Bratislava: The police caught a thief on the street!

Authors: ev, TASR

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