A man in his 20s was at home… Gwangju middle school girl missing for two months found

Found in Daejeon 68 days after filing a missing person report
Live with a man I met on a game messenger

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A middle school girl from Gwangju who went missing for more than two months after school has been found safely in Daejeon.

On the 23rd, Gwangju West Police Station announced that police in Yuseong-gu found Miss A (14), a 14-year-old middle school student in Gwangju, who went missing after going to Daejeon after school. , Daejeon around 11:57 am that day. 68 days have passed since the report of the disappearance was received.

Ms. A lives in the house of Mr B, a man in his 20s, whom he met through a mobile game messenger. It is said that Ms. Has left the house after Mr. B suggested, “I will provide you with room and board when you come to Daejeon.” Ms A told the police that she had left the house alone, and said that Mr B had never assaulted her.

Earlier, on the 18th of July, around 3:30 pm, CCTV video showed Miss A leaving her mobile phone and bag at school and going to Gwangju Bus Terminal. After that, Miss A arrived at Daejeon Bus Terminal around 7 pm and got on the taxi, and her whereabouts were unknown for over two months. At that time, the license plate of the taxi that Miss A was riding in was not recorded correctly on the CCTV, so it was difficult to find where it was.

When Miss A went missing, her parents reported it to the police, saying, ‘It’s past school time, but the girl isn’t coming home’. The police, who started investigating after receiving Mi-gwi’s report, asked for digital forensic work (electronic forensic evaluation) on Miss A’s mobile phone and computer. After that, after finding out the circumstance that Miss A mentioned a restaurant in the Daejeon area , from the 20th, a secret investigation and inquiry was made around the area.

The police are investigating the specific circumstances of the runaway by persuading Miss A to return home.

Ji-min Jang, Guest Correspondent at Hankyung.com newsinfo@hankyung.com

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