A man in his 30s on a fishing line… a year ago, another mysterious body on the spot

Harlemmere Lake, Central Park, New York, USA. [사진 센트럴파크콘서바토리]

The body was found in Harlemmere Lake, located in the northernmost part of Central Park in New York, USA. Harlemmere Lake is famous for its beautiful scenery, and with benches and lawns lined up along the waterfront, New Yorkers love it as a place for picnics, rest, and sunbathing. However, since last year, another body was found in the lake, raising suspicions.

Black body found in New York’s Central Park lake

According to the New York Post and ABC on the 26th, a black man in his 40s was found floating in the water at about 7 p.m. two days ago in Lake Hallammere in Central Park. After receiving a 911 call from an eyewitness (119 in Korea), the fire department immediately rescued the man from the water, but he was already dead.

The NYPD (New York Police Department) declined to comment on the request, although it said, “We plan to conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.”

People take a break in Central Park, New York, USA.  AFP = Yonhap News

People take a break in Central Park, New York, USA. AFP = Yonhap News

Meanwhile, the body of a man in his 30s was also found in this lake in September last year. According to the Daily Mail, the body of a citizen was found while fishing in the lake at the time. This citizen said in an interview at the time, “I felt something was caught on the fishing line, so I pulled it up, and a body came out and I immediately reported it.”

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