A man sets himself on fire in front of the Japanese prime minister’s office, opposing a state funeral for Abe

A man set himself on fire at the office of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo early this morning (September 21) after a man set himself on fire at the government’s “state funeral” for former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on end of this month.

The man, who had burns all over his body, was taken to hospital. while a policeman who tried to help put out the fire was also injured.

Japanese media reports that the 70-year-old man was “unconscious” when he was found. But later he told the police that he deliberately doused himself in oil and set it on fire, and near the scene a letter was found talking about the former prime minister’s state funeral. To be held on September 27, what the author said. “Strongly Disagree”

Japanese police also refused to provide information about the incident. which happened on Abe’s 68th birthday.

Hirokazu Matsuno, Secretary General of the Japanese Cabinet Briefly explained to the press, “I learned that the police found a man with burns nearby. with government buildings and understand that the police are investigating.”

Abe, Japan’s oldest former prime minister Announced the 2020 presidency citing health reasons before being shot and killed by the assassin during a campaign speech in Nara Prefecture on July 8

The Japanese government is set to hold a state funeral for Abe on September 27, where around 6,000 foreign leaders and Japanese dignitaries are expected to attend.

However, many Japanese oppose state funeral arrangements. He said Abe’s death was directly linked to the Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) close ties to the Unification Church, which some have dubbed the “Unification Church”. “Cult of Muni” as well as the gun that shot the former prime minister. He admitted when he did it out of anger that his mother had spent the money for the church until she was exhausted, and he believed that Abe had contributed to the organization.

The issue is becoming a big monsoon for Prime Minister Kishida and the LDP. And earlier this month, the party released a poll which found that “almost half” of the party’s 379 members had links to the Unification Church. one way or another

Recently, several polls in Japan found that most people “oppose” the state of Abe’s funeral. This also caused Prime Minister Kishida’s popularity to plummet.

A Mainichi Daily poll last weekend found that only 29 percent of Japanese supported a state funeral, down six points from August, a level analysts said made it “difficult” for the prime minister to mobilize support going forward. . Meanwhile, the LDP’s own approval rating fell six points to just 23 per cent.

Kishida tried to defend his decision. But most Japanese voters are still unacceptable to his explanation. and raised questions about how much tax money was needed to go to the state for the former leader’s funeral. Although many people are suffering from economic poison.

The Japanese government has set a budget for state funerals at 1,650 million yen (about 426 million baht), which includes the costs of holding a reception and the custody of foreign leaders who come to the event.

source: Reuters

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