A man who changes his car to a ‘Lamborghini’ appears after being rejected by a woman he likes (Video)

Seo Jae-hyung, who was appearing on the reality dating program ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’, suddenly changed cars and appeared and surprised the other cast members.

In the 3rd video of ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’, which was released on the YouTube TV channel on the 4th, Seo Jae-hyung suddenly disappeared from the dormitory and other performers were puzzled.

Teabing ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’

The male and female performers speculated, “Of course I thought you were doing breakfast”, “Did you go for a run?”, and “Did you go for a drive?” At that time, Seo Jae-hyung drove home in a Porsche.

In a heartfelt interview, Seo Jae-hyung explained the reason for heading home, saying, “I suddenly hated Porsche. On the first day, I didn’t want to ride that car because of such shame (rejected).”

He appeared in a Porsche in the last broadcast and appealed to female performer Lee Yeo-min, but was rejected in the end. Instead of Seo Jae-hyung, Lee Yeo-min chose Kang Won-jae, who had been driving a domestic car.

Seo Jae-hyung stopped by the house and appeared in a yellow Lamborghini instead of a white Porsche. Seo Jae-hyung made the MCs in the studio laugh by saying, “As expected, the car is a Lamborghini.”

Seo Jae-hyung said, “I have to bring another car and ride it when I go on a date with someone else (I wanted to). First of all, Dana is my next target…” He pointed out Jung Dana, a ‘catfish girl’, who was put in the middle as a good partner.

“It’s just the beginning,” he said confidently. Seo Jae-hyung, who arrived at the dormitory after the other cast’s meals, answered, “I want to change my car” to the question, “Why did you go home?”

Afterwards, he found the sandwiches that Dana Jung had made for the cast and smiled, saying, “You’ve worked hard. I’ll eat well.”

Teabing’s original ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’ is a fascinating love psychology game in which a love catcher to find the fateful love and a money catcher to win a huge prize money play to find true love. It is released on TV every Friday at 4 PM.

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