A Man who Coat Unofficial Medical Laboratory Rejects together in some Florida Hospital, Claims to become a Doctor t

A Man who Coat Unofficial Medical Laboratory Rejects together in some Florida Hospital, Claims to become a Doctor  t

Florida health officers have launched an investigation after seeing a man in various local hospitals wearing a white doctor's coat stating that he is an OB / GYB.

The public safety team at the Jackson Memorial Medical Center campus recognized the man, identified as Wilvince Kemmy Bazil from Miami, Wednesday, reported Local10.com. The staff informed the police.

Bazil is not featured on the Florida Medicines Board website as a licensed doctor.

A spokesman for Jackson Health System with Local10.com said the man had been given an exit and considerate letter, as well as a trespass warning. It was seen by different hospitals.

According to the letter given by Local10.com, Bazil is not an employee of Jackson Health System. However, Bazil took photos of himself wearing a lab coat with Jackson Health / Miami University logo. He shared the images on social media.

One image was placed under heading "Dr. Bazil." Another photograph shows him in a cap and dress fade alongside the words: "I did it M.D OB / GYB Dr. Wilvince k Bazil."

The images seen Local10.com appear to show Bazil as OB-GYN.

In a statement that CBS4 saw, Jackson Health System said it is "taking this suspicious activity seriously and it has been reported to the Florida Department of Health, which launched an investigation into this matter."

The letter of exit and courage was signed by the County Attorney General Suzanne Villano-Charif.

Read the letter: "Your unlawful use of this impersonation will seduce and / or confuse the public, staff and patients to think that you are affiliated with the Public Health Trust."

Bazil said to Local 10: "I was there. They invited me then to talk about the allegations, and I met them, and they spoke to me and gave me a restraining order."

"I'm not attracting anyone on anything," he said to Local10.com, claiming he graduated in college.

He asked he spent with any patients, he said with Local10.com: "Never, there is no proof of them."

In an interview with SPC4 he claimed that he was a former healthcare worker.

He told Local 10 that he worked with a doctor at the facility, and said that his employer had given him a lab coat that he said was a doctor. Bazil refused to say what doctor he was working for him.

"If I had any proof that I was working on campus, I think I would be imprisoned," he told CBS4. "So there was no proof of that."

According to Local 10, the police did not charge on Bazil.

Health officials warned Bazil not to go to the facility again, unless he needed medical treatment.

"No matter what you do not kill you," he said.

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