A man who gave his bride 1.8 billion in cash won… Controversy over high dowry in China

Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, east China.

A black security van and a truck loaded with gifts are parked on the side of the road, while several armed security guards are carrying several red caskets into a cart.

A gift from men to someone.

The people around who see this scene all take out their smart phones and take a video.

What was in the box was none other than gold bars, expensive jewelry, and a bundle of cash.

The cash amount is 9.98 million yuan.

Calculated at today’s exchange rate, about 1.84 billion has been earned in our currency.

If gold bars and jewels are added, the total gifts are expected to be about 2 billion won.

In China, there is a “dowry custom,” or “cai li,” where the groom gives money to the bride at the time of the wedding.

This gift is also a dowry given to the bride by the groom, and the amount is exceptionally large.

The groom-to-be explained that “this is a local custom and very common in Taizhou City,” but as the video became known through social media, etc., “This is not common in Taizhou City, and a happier marriage with less of cost” There was also a response saying that doing is what people expect.

In recent years, controversy has continued in Chinese society as the amount of the dowry has skyrocketed. It is particularly serious in rural areas where the female population is small.

In response, the CCP and the State Council have included banning the practice of dowry on their main priorities this year.

They also launched a campaign to abolish endowments and crack down on large endowments.


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