A man who swipes a Rolex watch for 50 million won at a rest area, embroidered in 12 days


A man in his twenties who took a luxury watch worth 50 million won lost at a highway rest area surrendered to the police.

“If you give it back, a case of 30 million won” was posted on the topic
After surrendering to Namyangju police, it was handed over to Goesan police.

Photo attached to the post titled’I lost my watch’. The loser revealed that he had lost this watch at Goesan Service Area (Yeoju direction) and posted an article saying that he would give 30 million won in reward. [커뮤니티 캡처]

According to the Goesan Police Station in Chungbuk on the 19th, a man in his twenties was arrested on charges of stealing an expensive luxury watch from the restroom of the Goesan Rest Area on the Central Inland Expressway around 5:00 pm on August 25th. On the 9th, A surrendered to the Namyangju Police Station in Gyeonggi that he had stolen a luxury watch.

The police recently started an investigation after receiving a report of the loss of an expensive watch at a highway rest area. According to an article posted by the loser B (30) in the online community on the 7th, the lost watch is a’Rolex Yachtmaster 2 Gold Box’ model.

Mr. B stopped by the restroom at the highway rest area and left behind a luxury watch and a hand bag filled with cash. Another resting place user found the bag and delivered it to Mr. B, but the watch was missing. Mr. B claimed that the lost watch was worth 55 million won.

In his personal post, he said, “It is a very precious watch to me,” and “If I return the watch, I will not ask any responsibility, but I will give you 30 million won in reward”. The Chungbuk Goesan Police Station is planning to take over Mr. A and send it to the prosecution with the opinion of the prosecution.

Goesan = Reporter Jin Chang-il and Choi Jong-kwon [email protected]ang.co.kr


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