A march to encourage a 28 year old doctor who is terminally ill with lung cancer. Although the body is normal

history Krittai Thanasombatkul, MD. 28 years old, Lecturer at the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Clinical Statistics Department of Family Medicine Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University Revealed the story through the Facebook page “Sue Diwa” which just opened yesterday (10 November 2022) sharing life experiences he said the doctor that everything has always been good. and marrying his girlfriend He was in good health, an athlete, but he found himself inend stage lung cancer

Krittai mist He says he is a person who takes care of his health very well. like exercise Be an athlete and put a lot of emphasis on food and sleep: eat clean, go to bed at 10 PM, wake up at 6 AM and work in a stress-free environment.
The doctor graduated from high school from Suankularb School. Then take the entrance exam to the Faculty of Medicine. Chiang Mai University

After completing 6 years of a bachelor’s degree as planned, he went on to study to become a doctor specializing in family medicine. and study another branch, namely Clinical Epidemiology In addition, the doctor also studied for a master’s degree. Chiang Mai University Faculty of Engineering together with Tan 3 years later, the doctor graduated from medical specialty and master’s degree. has been recruited as a doctor at Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medicine and has just started working for 2 months

Morkritthai marries his girlfriend. about to build a house and plan a stable life after retirement, that is, the doctor said he was a very good person started to follow their dreams fully Follow the plan beautifully. but it was later found Doctors are terminally ill with lung cancer.

Dr. continued. Krittai that the last X-ray of the lungs in 2019, which was a health check to start working. At the time everything was fine. But shortly after starting work, the doctor developed a cough. I have not been tested for covid-19. It’s been 2 months and I’m still coughing. But still working, playing sports and living a normal life.

And on October 3, 2022, the doctor has no duty. so took the opportunity to seriously check the health and the X-ray results came out saying Half of the right lung was missing. A large 8 cm nodule was found and there was fluid in the lungs. The left lung was filled with small nodules. until he concluded that the doctor had terminal lung cancer And most recently, the cancer has spread to the pleura and brain.

At the moment, the doctor is in the process of treating all possible ways, including surgery, chemo, immunotherapy, radiation, and he does not know how much time he has left in the world.

The doctor said that he had never regretted his life over the past 28 years because he had a very good past life. good no regrets There’s nothing I want to go back and do. Lived a very fulfilling life.

So he wanted to spend the rest of his time. to pass on what they have learned and views on life, beliefs, dreams, impressions, as well as stories they would like to leave with this world. Emotional and strong in case one day he is no longer there And it would be great if his shorter life could be of encouragement. and is a power for those who are still alive

Which page Su Dewa opened for only 1 day, but more than 250,000 social media followers and have written messages of encouragement to the doctor are overwhelming.

A march to encourage a 28 year old doctor who is terminally ill with lung cancer.  Although the body is normal

Facebook page CR “Sue Diwa”

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