“A masterpiece of the 80’s movement that can be seen inside”… Jin Jung-kwon “Boycott Shinsegae, Democrats nauseated”

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Enter 2022-01-11 16:28 | Edited 2022-01-11 16:44

▲ Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin is attracting attention by posting a poster of the ‘Jung Yong-jin Boycott’ that imitates the ‘No Japan’ poster on his Instagram. ⓒJung Yong-jin’s Instagram

When the passport protested, saying, “We will boycott the Shinsegae” over the recent spread of the ‘Destroying Challenge’ sparked by Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin and spreading to the political arena, Jin Jung-kwon, a former professor of Dongyang University, said, “(Everyone) the training center. Didn’t you sang ‘Torch of Destruction’ on TV?” and advised, “Do it in moderation. I get nauseated.”

Professor Jin said on his Facebook page on the 11th, “Seeing that the hermeneutic catastrophe that started in the stone head of the motherland (former Justice Minister) spreads into a serious political uproar that mobilized all kinds of hardships, the politics of this country make people think of human beings with their own stupid IQ. I feel like I’m making it.” He scolded, “If I don’t like the word ‘destroying’, can I take away the right of others to use it?”

Professor Jin, who emphasized that “this is the core of the problem and the only issue that needs to be addressed in this case,” said, “If you don’t like it, just say, ‘I don’t agree’ or ‘I don’t like that expression.’ How many just-minded gangsters are responding to the great work of the 1980s movement that can be seen inside to attack opponents by interpreting a single joke and creating a coercive cause,” he lamented.

In addition, Professor Jin, who scoffed at the role played by the June 25th in the past, seems to be being played by the democratization movement now. “What is the difference between you and Park Jung-hee and Chun Doo-hwan, who censored popular songs and put sound songs behind albums? ” he exclaimed.

Professor Jin put a ‘PS’ at the end of the article and said, “If you had to emit light, you should have done it right away…, didn’t you guys call the ‘Torch of Destruction’ in the training camp?” In order to get rid of that song from the military song list, please make a collective fuss towards Moon Jae-in, the Ministry of National Defense.”

Seok-Yeol Yoon and Kyung-Won Na, stop by E-Mart to buy ‘anchovy and beans’… Jaehyung Choi eats ‘anchovy and beans’

Earlier, Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin posted a protest against the guidelines on Instagram on the 5th, saying, “Why is this incitement to violence?” when the post he wrote ‘#Destruction’ was deleted from SNS.

The next day, Instagram restored the post, saying it was a “system error,” but Vice Chairman Chung posted an article on Instagram with a photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping and added the hashtag ‘#Destroyed’ again.

Later, when former Justice Minister Cho Kuk criticized Chung as “the level of Yoon Seok-yeol,” Yoon Seok-yeol, the People’s Power presidential candidate, showed support for Chung by purchasing ‘anchovy’ and ‘beans’ at E-Mart.

From this point on, opposition figures also began to participate in the ‘Destroying Challenge’. Former lawmaker Na Kyung-won of the People’s Power stopped by E-Mart to purchase anchovy and beans, and former Auditor General Choi Jae-hyung posted a picture of breakfast with anchovy and beans as a side dish on social media. In addition, Kim Jin-tae, chairman of the National Inspection Committee for People’s Power Lee Jae-myung, encouraged the ‘Destruction Challenge’ by posting on Facebook, “The Destruction of the Moon. How about the Destruction Campaign Together?”

As the ‘destruction’ issue spread to the political arena, former Minister Cho denigrated the ‘destruction challenge’ of opposition figures, saying, “The ‘moon-pa-destroy-beong’ play of national power presidential candidates and politicians” and “Where are the roots? show,” he criticized.

Yun Ho-jung “The opposition party copied the immature play of a retail company representative”

Yun Ho-jung, floor leader of the Minjoo Party, also scolded, saying, “It’s okay to stop the head of a retail company’s immature play, but the opposition is copying it.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Chung Cheong-rae criticized “Playing Ilbe play is free for Candidate Yoon, but it will never be beneficial to him.” .

Kim Yong-min, a former member of ‘I’m a trickster’, also said, “Jung Yong-jin started the election campaign because he didn’t look down on consumers, but he can’t go to his stores.” E-Mart, Starbucks, No Brand, and Shinsegae are on and off. Everyone is going to stop,” he declared publicly.


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