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A medical crematorium should be established urgently: Action Council

Sunday, November 6, 2022 11:27 PM IST

Neyyatinkara: Municipal authorities to establish a medical crematorium Neyyatinkara Vidyutha said that urgent action should be taken from Gathu.At the request of Shmshana Action Council. All the political parties in Neyyattinkarai are giving a graveyard to the people Election promise is a graveyard and the plan cannot be realized Yogam accused the executive council of being a complete fraud. It is two years since the current council came into force. Municipal authorities are ready to go ahead with the construction of the cemetery, and the meeting demanded that the Kerala Ayyanvar Service Association State General Secretary R. Anoop Kumar inaugurated the meeting.

Fran NRC President Nair became president. General Secretary SK Jayakumar, State General Secretary Environmental Protection Committee Dr. CV Jayakumar, Municipal Councilors Manchathala Suresh, Co. Pana Mahesh, former councilor R. Sumakumari, Hindu District General Secretary Aikyavedi Biju Arappura, Yanithottam Krishnan Nair, Amaravila Satikumari, Radharaman N. Yar, Manalur Shivaprasad, Aralumood Jinu, Capital Vijayan, S. Pradeep Kumar, Sajjan Joseph, Thirupuram Sasikumar chu

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