A modern reasoning game that reminds me of the board game ‘Clue’ is coming to Steam on the 13th

▲ Representative image of The Case of the Golden Idol (Photo Source: Catch the trailer for the game’s release date)

Based on the clues given, a new detective game ‘Clue’, a board game that deduces the culprit, location and weapon in a murder case, will be released on Steam on the 13th.

Color Gray Games, a Latvian developer, presented its new mystery game ‘The Case of the Golden Idol’ to Steam Nextfest, which started on the 4th. As the title suggests, the case of the Golden Idol deals with the process of uncovering the truth behind the conspiracy by revealing the identity of the mysterious golden idol and those who wield it. crave

Players take on the role of a 16th century detective tracking a strange murder that killed 12 people over 40 years. You have to thoroughly investigate the location of the incident to gather the necessary clues, and based on this, you must discover the criminal, the motive for the murder, and the weapon that carried out the incident. The game progresses non-linearly, so it is possible to progress in any order.

▲ Golden Idol Release Date Announcement Trailer Case (Video Source: Playstack Official YouTube Channel)

▲ Golden Idol Case Screenshot (image source: Steam official page)

The graphics are 2D dot graphics with a strong classic game feel, and the collected clues are listed at the bottom of the screen in the form of word cards. The truth was solved by placing the word cards collected in this way in various places in the empty sentences. The game is played in single player without multiplayer, and you can enjoy the experience of playing clue alone.

Golden Idol Case will be released on Steam on the 13th, and you can try it out beforehand by getting a trial version through the official Steam page. However, Korean is not supported, and English is the only official language supported.

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