A monster is invading Huh Gak’s stage… Take the mic and threaten him

[이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] Singer Huh Gak experienced something absurd during the performance.

According to his agency Big Planet Made Enter on the 23rd, a man broke into the stage while Huh Gak was singing at the Pohang University Festival held on the 22nd, the day before.

At that time, the man raised his hand and threatened Huh Gak and took the microphone. Huh Gak was taken aback by this and stepped back. After that, officers from the scene ran out and dragged the man off the stage, and Huh Gak suffered no attack damage.

A representative of Big Planet Made Entertainment said in a phone call with E-Daily that day, “Huh Gak was a little surprised by the sudden situation, but after that, he finished the show safely.”

Recently, Huh Gak collaborated with Jia to release a duet song ‘What’s with Alcohol’.

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