A mother is arrested for cruel treatment of her son

For the crime of cruel treatment against her 5-year-old son, a woman was arrested in the Dalla Costa parish, Caroní de San Félix municipality in Bolívar state. The action was carried out by officials of the scientific police of the municipal delegation of Ciudad Guayana, when evidencing through field investigations and psychological interviews, her vile behavior.

The detainee was identified as Glahellys Josefina Tablante Maneiro, 42 years old, who, at the time of her arrest, was inside her home on María Samber street, in the Ud-146 sector of the place described above.

According to what was indicated by police officials, it was verified in the pathologist’s review that Tablante Maneiro used to savagely beat her little son, who showed signs of bruising on different parts of his body.

Given this, the aggressor was placed under the order of the 10th Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry of the Second Judicial Circumscription of the state of Bolívar, to determine the degree of guilt and possible reasons that motivated her to act in this way.



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