A mother is worried, she used to kick her child out of the house, now she misses her, but the call is cut off Telling a play, but finding a way!?

An anxious mother used to kick her child out of the house. but now lost I searched until I found him, but the child kept running away. Telling the play about an embarrassing case for a pregnant child without a father – unable to get along with the husband and the mother who just met the journey

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On September 30, 2022, the online world shared a post from a Facebook user who told the story that he kicked his daughter out of the house several times. until the daughter took the grandson away, now she misses the child and wants to find him But when she found him, the daughter ran away again. How long will it be before you forgive me?

The owner of the story said that he used to kick his daughter out of the house because of problems raising grandchildren. and a fatherless pregnant girl At the time, he felt ashamed. Many times he brought him down with his children. He insisted that he did not really intend to chase, and that his daughter and her new husband did not agree with each other, causing him to become even more stressed, causing him to scold the child so often so that the child appears to have suffered. all along. Even the grandson was over 1 year old, the child took the grandson away. I still can’t find a link. informed the foundation It was reported, but the matter was kept quiet.

Until he played TikTok, he posted a picture of himself and his grandchildren and posted a caption saying he was missing, worried, lonely. After that, someone who knows his daughter contacted him and gave the number to him. When he got his daughter’s number, Mr. Go, when your daughter receives it and knows it The child broke the line. He took another phone number. he went, but the child didn’t accept it, so he thought the child must have broken the SIM card

From the time the girl left the house until now, the granddaughter is probably around 2-3 years old. So, I would like to ask other Facebook members if it will be a long time before the children are willing to talk to them. Do you know that since leaving the house He hadn’t slept well at all for a night, thinking and worrying.

“And especially when my daughter told us before she left that if I had left, she would never come back here again. And although this sentence was spoken by my daughter in anger a long time ago But we are mothers who have heard and still remember and never forget. and those words have always frightened our hearts. And we can only pray that our daughter forgets the words that were said. Friends, members, how long will it be before our daughter and grandson come back to us and Forgive us.”

kick the child out of the house

Others see the subject as a mother who does not think about her child’s feelings. Although the mother should be the one who holds the child the most on the day when the child is wrong or has no place to hold him. But the owner of the story I feel angry because I’m worried about my child’s future only expelled him. But he was angry because he was embarrassed. Also, it is not just one round and it is also claimed that it is due to anger. Even worse is the children’s inability to get along with their new husbands. Make the owner of the story as a mother to act like that with the child. Now, it can be seen that the baby is in the gut and the new husband. Who exactly chose mother?

“You are chasing a child with emotion. It hurts enough already. But it probably won’t hurt as much as chasing because you can’t get along with your new husband. Your words have already killed your child.. take care of yourself.”

“Is it regret or loneliness, or is it just when you get old that you think you have to have children to take care of?”

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