A mother who fell by a flying magpie… A 5-month-old girl’s tragedy

A young baby girl was attacked and killed by a magpie while walking in her mother’s arms in an Australian park.

According to Australian public broadcaster ABC, on the 8th (local time), a woman named Simon was suddenly attacked by a fierce magpie while walking in Brisbane’s Glindeman Park with her 5-month-old daughter Mia.

The mother, with her beak forward from the sky, stumbled and fell while bending to protect her daughter from the magpie that slammed her down vertically, seriously injuring the baby’s head.

The baby was taken to the hospital immediately after the accident, but died.

The incident became widely known when Sophie, the older sister of the baby’s mother, introduced the story to the Internet fundraising site GoFundme.

Sophie said that her younger brother and his wife are grieving over the loss of their daughter, who is their whole life, but they can only send condolences from their hearts due to restrictions on movement due to COVID-19. asked to help.

Thousands of people sent donations to the fundraising site in just one day, raising AUD 120,000 (100 million won), which far exceeded the target of AUD 100,000.

Those who participated in the donation posted a message sharing the pain in remembrance of the couple’s grief and the deceased baby.

A Brisbane City Council official said, “It was a very tragic accident.”

According to the Australian Bird Conservation Organization, these attacks of magpies usually occur between July and December, when male magpies protect their nestling chicks.

In fact, before this incident, other residents were often attacked and injured by magpies.

One woman said her son was attacked by a magpie even though he was wearing a helmet, scarring the cheek around his eyes.

Another woman said that she once ran 500 meters after being persistently attacked by a very aggressive magpie.

A bird protection group official said, “About 10% of male magpies attack humans.”

Experts and others advised that if there is a magpie nest near the road that you usually come and go, use another route during the breeding season.

There are other ways to protect your face, such as wearing sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, or using an umbrella.


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