A motorcycle and an envelope for each bowler

After their resounding success and their heroic journey at home at the Sports World Cup held from September 8 to 17, 2023, the Beninese Pétanque Federation rewards the Cheetahs and Amazons bowlers. A colorful ceremony took place for the benefit of Beninese bowlers on Tuesday September 19, 2023 at the headquarters of the federation.
Belmondo ATIKPO
By writing one of the most pages in the history of Beninese sport, the bowling heroes attracted the legendary generosity of the Beninese Petanque Federation. Indeed, for having put the national flag on the first step of the podium, Each Cheetah and Amazon has a smile on their lips. Each Beninese bowler received a new motorcycle and a substantial financial package. Each Beninese athlete received an envelope of 50,000 FCFA for fuel. The medal-winning bowlers were particularly distinguished. One million FCFA for the gold medal and 800,000 FCFA for the silver medal. But the federation played the solidarity card. “We therefore gave 70% of these amounts to the two athletes who won the gold medal, and 70% also to those who won the silver medal. And the rest, everyone else shared that,” detailed the president. The two coaches at the head of the national selection Thierry Babagbéto and Guy Tronou were also rewarded. At the end of the competition, the Cheetah bowlers presented a more or less satisfactory picture. Benin is crowned world champion in the mixed doubles category, vice-champion in men’s doubles and vice-champion in the Nations Cup. These performances, according to the president of the Beninese Petanque Federation, deserve to be “recognized and congratulated”. “We can say that we are proud of our athletes. It is the man who is eternally dissatisfied otherwise, it is still feats to be rewarded,” declared Garba Yaya during the award ceremony. The Beninese duo composed of Marcel Gbetable and Laïma Sambo won the final of the mixed doubles category. A final won under the nose of the French duo. Subsequently, Benin missed the boat in two other categories of the competition. These are the men’s doubles championships and the Nations Cup in which Benin finished vice-champion. However, these failures do not take away from the combativeness that the Beninese athletes demonstrated throughout the competition. A combativeness which allowed them to win the hearts of their audience. Great pétanque nation,
Assessment of other countries
Thailand held its place during this fiftieth world pétanque championship. Indeed, Thai bowlers won in three (03) different competition categories. These are the women’s doubles championship, the men’s head-to-head championship and finally the men’s triples championship. Successes which almost all bear the mark of Ratchata Kamdee. The latter demonstrated throughout the competition his skill and precision in this sport. Skills that he made available to his country to make Thailand one of the best nations at this 2023 edition of the tournament. Just like Thailand, France was one of the teams expected at this edition of the pétanque world championship. And on arrival, the athletes from France responded well. Thus, France ends the competition with two world champion titles. These are the men’s doubles category and the precision shooting championship. Two successes, of which French bowler Dylan Rocher was the main architect. The latter showed impeccable professionalism during the competition. This, despite all the adversity he had to face. With two finals played, Tunisia is one of the teams that have gone the furthest in the competition. But on arrival, the Tunisian athletes left with only one gold medal. The one won by bowler Mouna Béji in the women’s head-to-head championship. Opposed in the final to the Algerian Gidgia Ait Idir, the Tunisian athlete went for victory with forceps with a score of 13-11. A short, but precious success which gave Tunisia its one and only gold medal in the competition. To the latter is added the silver medal obtained in the men’s head-to-head category.

QA September 21, 2023