A native of Tamil Nadu caught the Mariyarpootam, which disturbed the sleep of Kochi, through mud

03 October 2022, 08:19 PM IST

. It is not easy to catch as it moves easily through terraces and walls.

‘He broke his head, bit his hand, but still didn’t let go. Kanthaswamy is still afraid when he remembers the events of last night. Kanthasamy, a native of Erode, Tamil Nadu, bravely captures the notorious thief Mariarpootha (Johnson) who entered his house.

On Monday morning, Mariarputham entered Kanthaswamy’s rented house on Kattukaran Road in Kalur, his usual residence. After trying to enter three other nearby houses, he reached Kanthaswamy’s house. But when Kantasamy woke up hearing the noise, Putham was trapped.

Mariarpootham is a regular thief in Ernakulam North Station area mainly in Kalur district. It is not easy to catch as it moves easily through terraces and walls. The practice is to repeat the robbery in the same place where the robbery was once committed. It was raised by the earlier formation of Janakiyasena. Putham, who was in prison for theft, was released a year and a half ago.

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