A negating mother has not succeeded! The incident caused the man to shoot Phetchaburi. 2 introductory deaths: PPTVHD36

The rise of the Phetchaburi wild man shooting inside the village. 2 people have died, 2 people have been injured. Recently, the agent asked the mother to help negotiate, still not working.

Progress in Phetchaburi Province In the case of a wild man using a gun to shoot until causing the injury Recently it was reported that Two people were found dead on the spot, but they were unable to enter the area. Because there is the sound of a gunshot from time to time

At 4:30 pm, Mrs Sunisa Umma, Phetchaburi provincial reporter, PPTV reported the situation from the scene, which is a two-storey townhouse in a village in Ton Mamuang Subdistrict, Muang District, Phetchaburi Province, where more than 100 officers entered. ■ The siege while the criminals continued to use firearms to fire back from time to time.

Most recently, the authorities had the mother of the criminal using a megaphone to negotiate. to surrender but still not effective

while using drones to inspect the area Two people were found dead at the scene, one of whom was a delivery motorbike driver. The body was still dead on the motorcycle. The other person still does not know who the details are. because he was unable to enter the scene of the accident

In addition, two people were also injured, one of whom was the president of the Ton Mamuang Sub-District Administrative Organization. tried to stop the incident But instead, the criminal used a gun to shoot against the mast of the left ear. Initially, he was taken to hospital. and have emergency surgery

said the criminal’s mother In the morning that passed, he had left for work as usual. while the perpetrator was home alone And today I have an appointment to go to court in a case related to threats and assault. Therefore, it is uncertain whether the perpetrators will experience stress due to such incidents or not.