A Nest of Peace to care for vulnerable children from El Bordo, opens Comfacauca – La Campana Newspaper

This is the Comprehensive Early Childhood Care program that offers promotion and prevention services in health, nutrition, recreation, protection and care.

With the objective of providing and contributing to the comprehensive, physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of children in the south of the department, the Cauca Family Compensation Fund, Comfacauca, will begin providing the Early Childhood Comprehensive Care service in the municipality of El Bordo, through a Peace Nest, which will be located at the headquarters of the Fund in that town.

The new Comfacauca Peace Nest in El Bordo will initially provide care to 35 minors between the ages of 2 and 5, belonging to vulnerable families.

The decision to open this new service was made after carrying out targeting work with children and families in the municipality, to whom it is necessary to offer promotion and prevention services in health, nutrition, recreation, protection and care, according to ICBF guidelines.

This targeting also made it possible to identify the number of parents and children who belong to Sisbén, score A1 to A7 (live in extreme poverty or vulnerability), are not linked to educational institutions and do not belong to programs developed by the ICBF, which is why they are now target population of this Peace Nest.

The new Peace Nest will be located in the UDS of El Bordo, as reported by Sonia Betancourt, head of the Complementary Services area of ​​Comfacauca. “After approaching the community and focusing on boys and girls living in extreme poverty, Comfacauca set up this space, in which adjustments and modifications have been made to create child-friendly pedagogical environments, being these protective environments.

Betancourt added that, in addition to health care, initial education and psychosocial support for them and their families, “the children will receive supplies, daily and sports uniforms, as well as a nutritional food supplement, which consists of three rations served in morning, noon (lunch) and afternoon.

This group of infants will be directed by early childhood professionals and a transversal teacher who can be from the areas of music, dance or sports, depending on the profiles found in the area.

The provision of this service is expected to begin between the end of March and the beginning of April, said the head of Complementary Services of Comfacauca.


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