A NEW BLOW TO VUCIC: The State Department announced, after the terrorist attack in the north of Kosovo…

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The US opposes attempts to cover the death of Kosovo police sergeant Afrima Bunjakuawho was killed in an attack by an armed group of Serbs in the north of Kosovo, is equated with the death of the attacker, said the spokesperson of the State Department Matthew Miller.

When asked how Washington views the attackers in the village of Banjska, Miller told Radio Free Europe (RSE) that the US was “very clear” in its position “that it strongly condemns the coordinated and violent attacks on the Kosovo police on September 24”.

“We express our condolences to the family of the Kosovo police sergeant who was killed in the line of duty. Those responsible must be brought to justice through a transparent investigative process. “The investigation is ongoing,” said Miller.

By the way, there was a day of mourning in Serbia due to the death of Bunjaku and three Serbian terrorists killed in an exchange of fire with the Kosovo police in Banjska.

That decision of Belgrade was also condemned by the EU, of which he is the spokesperson Peter Stano said that the Union “is against the glorification and mourning of criminals and terrorists” and that “attackers should never be equated with victims”.

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić he stated that the members of the armed group that attacked the Kosovo police in Banjska “will never be terrorists” for him.