A new breed of studio executives are behaving like an old Hollywood style, it gives warning to Mike Leigh Movie

Film and TV drama is growing, with streaming services Netflix, Hulu and Amazon offering audiences after demand. However, according to the well-known director Mike Leigh, this is regrettable: young filmmakers are being held back by a “new race”.

“It's not going,” said Leigh, 75. “The next section of young directors remains so long to set up any project. That's my biggest concern. I spoke to two of them over the last few weeks and one person said she hoped it would take six years to get the first thing together. It's terrible, and it's because this race or this new culture of executives and producers hasn't put pressure on the button, and says' go on it and see what happens; .

Leigh, speaking to him Observer before launching the latest DVD, Peterlooit speaks of the fact that a complex hierarchy of commissioning emerges, although it does not affect its own work. Leigh lives on 21 films, Leigh is renowned for any creative input and is keen to promote creative freedom for those who follow him.

“I'm not talking about my experience with Amazon, who supported it Peterloo and what has worked hard: the problem is for younger filmmakers, ”he said.

It requires untested directors, untested directors, who are expected to attend editors.

“The new services like streaming are not working as Hollywood. But, in fact, by recommending that a director works with a particular team, or asking why you are not using a female cinematographer, or thinking about eliminating the film, they are carrying in a way. traditional Hollywood, Louis B Mayer and is totally unacceptable, ”he said.

Salford, who did Abigail Party and Nuts in May for the 1970s and their cinema winners the Palme winner d Secrets & Lies, Vera Drake and 2014 Mr Turner, said he welcomes the pressure on more variety on the screen and behind the camera.

“Historically and socially it's the right thing,” he said. “I only have a problem if it becomes too prescriptive and starts to hinder natural organic work. Then it is dangerous. Like everyone else, I'm listening, but I don't want to be subject to solutions. ”

Scene from Peterloo, Mike Leigh's film.

Zon Amazon supported Peterloo and became unsatisfactory, ”said Mike Leigh. Photo: Simon Mein

Film-flow services have given them a healthy injection of funds, but with that money it has come up with a series of creative bureaucracy. “It's complicated, as there was time in my mind when it was impossible to make a feature film in this country and that is not true now. You can, ”said Leigh. “But there are preconceptions about what should and should not be done and what is commercial. It's not good enough. ”

Film Leigh Peterloo It relates to the cavalry of 15 Manchester in 1819 after a crowd of 60,000 gathered to demand broader democratic representation. As a result of the foundation adventure Manchester Guardian, now Guardian, in 1821, and was given the title of Peterloo for the recent battle of Waterloo. “Peterloo doesn't necessarily have happened. He was unhappy because the magistrates had lost their nervousness and all began in the wrong order, ”said Leigh.

Two hundred years after these seafarers, the director, Remainer, believes that it is very timely to deal badly with unrest and social protest in Britain.

“We decided to make the film before the word Brexit was created. Gradually we started with the way that this is truly appreciated. And now, of course, there's all the spelled touch paper, ”he said. But the director doesn't see this latest film as his first film in politics. “I don't know that I have made a film that isn't about politics. Both Nuts in May It is not a political film, I do not know what it is. But this film is unusual for me, because politics. ”

But Leigh does not see him as a political work: in contrast to his contemporary Ken Loach, he admires, Leigh said that he does not care to view his own faith. “That is something, as far as I am concerned, that I have never done. I always made movies unresolved, ”he said.

“I hope that people expect me to be an understanding of humanity and a way to think about themselves in films around us, not them '. I am not in business to be asking people to be angry. I think this is diminishing. ”Will his next film project address Britain's current social discord? With a bad character, Leigh will not say. “I will make up as I go forward, so I can't tell you.”

Peterloo is available on Digital Download and Blu-ray and DVD from 11 March

The headline of this section was amended on 12 March 2019 to give an accurate summary of the views of Leigh outlined in the section.


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