A New Collaboration: Pallas and Salomon Release Salomon XT-WINGS 2

Salomon XT-WINGS 2 Joins Forces with Pallas in Latest Collaboration

Pallas and Salomon have once again joined forces, this time releasing the highly anticipated XT-WINGS 2. The fourth collaboration between the two brands proves to be a winning combination, captivating audiences with their irresistible appeal.

In a newly released campaign video, Pallas and Salomon showcase their collaborative product through a series of captivating scenes. The video captures two men and a woman leisurely strolling through expansive fields and rocky terrains, all while donning the collaborative gear. One particular scene even features a skateboard, highlighting Pallas’ passion for the sport. It seems that not even trekking boots can deter the allure of skateboarding for Pallas.

This latest collaboration differs from previous ones, as it showcases the popular XT-WINGS 2 model. The product boasts the addition of Pallas’ iconic text logo on the tongue tab, along with the recognizable Pallas triangle logo on the back heel cup, solidifying the partnership’s presence. To add a touch of flair, a marbling pattern has been incorporated into the outsole. The XT-WINGS 2 collaboration is available in both white and black colorways.

Excitement for this collaboration is already building, with the official release date set for September 1, 2023. Fans can purchase the XT-WINGS 2 collaboration from the official Pallas website.

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Salomon XT-WINGS 2 was released with Pallas

The fourth meeting between Pallas and Salomon

A combination of two brands with an irresistible appeal

Pallas(PALACE) a salomon(SALOMON) released a campaign video along with announcing the release of a new collaborative product. In the video, two men and a woman in shorts were captured enjoying a gentle walk through wide fields and rocks while wearing collaboration products. In the middle of the video, there is a scene wearing the product and riding a skateboard, which reflects Pallas’ passion for skateboarding. Pallas’s point of humor was that he couldn’t stop skateboarding even if he wore trekking boots.

@palaceskateboards @palaceskateboards

ready fourth collaborationPallas and Salomon lead the Unlike previous collaborations that used XT-6, XA-COMP, and SPEEDCROSS 4 products, this time, one of the popular models, XT-Wings 2 Enlightened. The Pallas text logo is added to the tongue tab of the product, and the iconic Pallas triangle logo on the heel cup on the back shows the presence of collaboration. The marbling pattern was added to the outsole to add points. The product is available in white and black colors. From 1 September, 2023 Pallas official websiteYou can meet at

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