A New Saga Begins: An Epic Adventure Through Connected Worlds with Unique Characters and Dynamic Battles

Introducing a unique story that combines inspiration and cooperation, featuring various races such as monsters, mecha, and vampires, and endless possibilities shaped by player choices. This new game in the “Saga” series brings together the best elements of the franchise to provide a fresh and exciting experience for players of all kinds.

The story takes place in a connected world, consisting of numerous interconnected realms, each with its own name and distinct characteristics. Many inhabitants of these worlds are unaware of the interconnected nature of their reality, assuming their own world to be unique. However, these worlds continue to influence and shape each other, leading to a new change that is about to unfold.

The protagonists, divided into 5 groups of 6 individuals, are guided by green waves of light through the “linked areas” that connect the 17 worlds. Each group travels to different worlds, offering a plethora of historical backgrounds and cultures. The choices made by the players determine which world they visit, creating a unique and personal story for each individual.

These waves of green light serve as signposts, guiding the main characters through the interconnected worlds. Sometimes, these waves indicate multiple destinies, surprising the players with unexpected outcomes. On the other hand, red lights serve as warnings of danger, giving players the freedom to either avoid or confront the impending challenges.

This game introduces the most groundbreaking changes in the series, with a story that constantly evolves based on player choices and actions. The worlds visited by the players change with each playthrough, ensuring a new and exciting experience every time they choose a different group of main characters.

Players have the freedom to choose from 5 groups of 6 main characters, each offering their own unique abilities and backgrounds. The subsequent developments and worlds visited will depend on the player’s actions and choices. The 17 worlds are accessible based on player choices and occasionally luck.

The game features six main characters divided into five groups:

1. Tsunanori Mido: A user of “Kugutsu” who protects the barrier. He embarks on a journey to regain lost spiritual control and obtains the power of the Four Gods.

2. Ameya Ashlin: A witch’s apprentice who hides her identity as an elementary school student. She must regain her magical powers after they are stolen by an unknown man.

3. Siugnas: An immortal vampire and former king of darkness who finds himself in a world where dead warriors gather. He sets out to reclaim his powers as the King of Darkness.

4. CV Diva Number 5: A mecha diva who has lost her singing voice and body. She abandons her human form and joins an otherworldly exploration team to regain her abilities.

5. Bonnie Blair and Formina Franklin: A pair of rookie police officers investigating a murder case that leads them through various worlds in search of the truth.

The game features an advanced battle system that includes familiar mechanics such as “Inspiration” and “Formation,” along with a refined “Timeline Battle” system. Players must strategically cooperate with their allies, block enemy actions, and choose their own battle strategies based on the ever-evolving circumstances.

The “Timeline Battle” system reveals the enemy’s actions before each turn, allowing players to plan their actions accordingly. The use of BP (Mark ★) allows players to activate skills and techniques, with the shared BP determining the availability of certain actions for the entire party.

Collaboration plays a crucial role in battles, as players must choose the order of actions and techniques to maximize cooperation between characters. Techniques can trigger collaboration by linking or stacking the green meters under each character icon on the timeline, but players must also be mindful of enemy cooperation and interference.

During battles, players may also discover new techniques through “Inspiration,” which can have a significant impact on the outcome of the battle. Additionally, different formations can yield various effects, providing players with options to tailor their strategies to specific enemies and situations.

The game also introduces the Lion’s special ability called “Dominance,” which triggers when a character is isolated and there are no enemies or allies within two squares on the timeline. In this state, characters can unleash powerful skills and techniques, but players must be cautious as enemies can also take advantage of this.

With its dynamic battle system, immersive storyline, and constantly changing narrative based on player choices, this new addition to the “Saga” series promises an exciting and unpredictable adventure for players of all kinds. Choose your characters, explore the interconnected worlds, and embark on a memorable journey in the connected realm.

A unique story for you, with battles that make full use of “inspiration” and “cooperation,” various races such as monsters, mecha, and vampires, and countless shapes that change depending on the player’s choices. This is a completely new game in the “Saga” series that brings together the best of the series and provides an experience as different as the number of players.

Beyond the green waves

Is the green wave a choice of possibility, or is it an inevitable fate? The story (saga) of new main characters begins now.

Heaven, hell, heavenly world, underground world, fairyland…another world that has been recognized by various names. However, it is not a particularly distinct world, but one of countless connected worlds. In many parts of the world, this fact is not known, and people have assumed that their world is unique.

Whether people realize it or not, the connected world continues to influence each other and change.

And now, another new change is about to begin in the connected world.

17 worlds connected through “connected areas”

A different space called “Linked Area” – it is connected to 17 worlds. Guided by the green waves, the protagonists travel through various worlds with different histories and cultures through the “connected realm.” Which world door appears, which world door you its choice, and what you do there, all change depending on the player’s choices, creating your own story.

Signpost green wave fate

The main characters, which consist of 5 groups of 6 people, follow waves of green light from the “chained area” to 17 worlds, and within the worlds they visit, they they are forced to make various critical choices.

Sometimes waves of light point to multiple destinies, but what awaits at the end of that choice isn’t always what the player expected. Sometimes a red light can be seen warning of danger, but the player is free to avoid it or to dare to face it.

Your story drawn with the biggest changes in the series

The story that changes based on the choices and actions of each player, familiar to the “Saga” series, is still alive and well. Furthermore, the worlds the player visits change for each world, and a different development awaits the next time the player chooses one of the main characters to visit. The most changing story of the series awaits, with always new experiences to enjoy.

Start the game by choosing freely from 5 groups of 6 main characters. The subsequent developments and worlds visited will change depending on the player’s actions and choices. Which world you go to among the 17 worlds depends on the player’s choices and sometimes on luck.

6 main characters, 5 groups

Tsunanori Mido’s CV: Takahiro Miyake

“Kugutsu” user who protects the barrier

The Mido family’s bloodline comes from Miyako City, a world-famous city with a quaint townscape centered around Gokakudo. He has the power to manipulate “Kugutsu” that has a will.

During the last war, the old system and spiritual order of Miyako City collapsed, and various strange phenomena began to occur. Tsunori is chosen for the “Cathedral Project”, a project to explore another world to regain lost spiritual control, and goes on a journey with Kugutsu to obtain the power of the Four Gods.

Ameya Ashlin’s CV: Minami Iinuma

A witch’s apprentice who hides her true identity and works as an elementary school student.

An apprentice witch from Pool Cooler, a world ruled by witches, visits Miyako City for her graduation exam.

In Miyako City, she lives as a 6th grade elementary school student named “Izumi Yumeha” with her familiar cat Rolo, but almost all of her magical power is stolen by an unknown man. Will Ameya be able to regain her magical powers and pass the final exam?

Siugnas CV: Yuki Ono

The king of darkness was dethroned

An immortal vampire and king of darkness who rules over the world closed in darkness, Yomi.

He was forced from his throne because of someone’s betrayal, and when he woke up, he found himself in a world called “Bright Home” where dead warriors gathered. He is added to the king’s warrior group and is sent into battle against the chaotic invaders. However, he wonders why he, an immortal, came to the world of the dead, and he embarks on a journey with his fellow warriors to regain his powers as the King of Darkness.

CV Diva Number 5: Ayaka Suwa

A mecha diva who has lost her singing voice and her body.

A mecha that specializes in singing and dancing and is popular in the world of Avalon, where industry has developed around the royal capital.

He was a complete entertainer who charmed people, but when he sang a forbidden song that he found in the Royal Museum, his memory and ability to sing were blocked, and he lost his ability to sing and work.

In desperation, he abandons his human body, joins an otherworldly exploration team as he is invited, and leaves Avalon.

Bonnie Blair’s CV: Satoshi Muranaka
Formina Franklin CV: Emiri Suyama

A pair of rookie police officers follow a murder case.

Two police officers, Boney, a former marine, and Formina, an expert marksman, pursue the truth behind an attempt to assassinate the president that took place in Capitol City with its skyscraper lining.

Using the words “The president betrayed me” left behind by a key witness and a mysterious triangular piece as clues, he travels through another world to track down the truth behind the incident.

battle system

Advanced battle system

In addition to the familiar “Inspiration” and “Formation” systems from the “Saga” series, the highly strategic “Timeline Battle” has been further refined.

Sharing the BP that changes with each turn with your party, you will change the order of your actions and aim to cooperate with your allies, or you will focus on blocking the enemy, or you will isolate yourself from your enemies and your allies deliberately. Each player can choose their own strategy for the battle situation.

Highly strategic “timeline battle”.

“Timeline Battle” is a unique system where the enemy’s actions and order are revealed before the start of the turn. The player’s order of action changes depending on the technique they choose, so they can use any strategy they want, such as aiming to collaborate with allies by acting consecutively, or interrupting and disrupting the actions of the enemy.

Also, use BP (Mark ★) to activate skills and techniques. The BP that can be used each time is shared by the entire party, so when using techniques that require a large amount of use, some allies may not be able to attack.

“Collaboration” where order of operation and choice of technique are important

The green meter under each character icon on the timeline is the set collaboration range for each technique or techniques, and collaboration is triggered by linking or stacking this between friends. However, the enemy will also cooperate under the same conditions, so you need to be careful about the order of operation and the range of cooperation.

In this case, if there is no interference from the enemy, the four people whose green meters within the red frame are connected will work together. There are also techniques that have the characteristic of forcefully changing the position on the timeline, therefore
It is important to establish your own cooperation while destroying the cooperation of the enemy.

“Inspiration” to learn new techniques in battle

During a battle, you might come up with a new technique. The inspired technique can be used from the next turn, and may be the factor that changes the course of the battle all at once.

“Formation” that brings various effects

Depending on your formation, you can have various effects during battle. Various options are available depending on the enemy and the strategy, such as reducing the cost of techniques, increasing the defense of the entire party, or focusing on strengthening certain characters.

Great performance by Lion “Dominance”

If there are no enemies or allies within two squares on the timeline and you are isolated, “domination” will occur. Dokdanba is incredibly powerful because it allows you to use the skills and techniques you’ve memorized to work together on your own. However, as with co-op, enemies will also use them, so you always have to be careful about their placement on the timeline. Due to the conditions in which it occurs, it is more likely to occur in the latter half of the battle when there are fewer allies and enemies, and can be a factor in deciding the outcome of the battle.

The battle deepens with different races

In addition to humans, a variety of other races appear, including monsters, mechas, Kugutsu, and ephemeral species, and the requirements for skill learning and character development vary greatly for each race. There are also special techniques for certain races, and by taking advantage of the characteristics of each race, you can enjoy more varied strategies.

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