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A new breed of covid, Orikron smashed the Thai economy.

Date 28 Nov 2021 time 16:49

Watch the government not underestimate the new breed of covids. Orikron smashed the Thai economy. Forbidding travelers from 8 African countries to enter Thailand was the right decision in time.

Dr. Anusorn Thammajai, former dean of the Faculty of Economics, Rangsit University, said that concerns about the spread of the Orikron virus caused global stock markets to plunge sharply. The price of oil in the world market has also fallen dramatically. The condition was a result of the concern that A mutation in the Amicron coronavirus strain could have the same effect on the epidemic as the Delta strain. This could cause many countries to cause another wave of large outbreaks. affect international travel Once again, tourism and activities had a major disruption. A new wave of omikron mutant outbreaks means that the recovery and recovery of the global and Thai economy may not occur as previously anticipated. Initially expected It has a limited impact on the Thai economy and Thai financial markets in the early stages if the Thai authorities can control the spread of the virus in the country and the World Health Organization and other countries work together to limit the spread of the virus. to be in only 6 countries in Africa

However, everything is still full of uncertainty. If this mutation allows the virus to defeat all of the vaccines we currently have against infection, it could mean the greatest economic catastrophe and health risk, and many countries’ epidemic prevention systems must. It collapses immediately if allowed to infect the new strain in the country. If the species can be prevented from spreading in Thailand have very limited impact Because Thailand has very little economic, trade and investment relations with 8 South African countries, 8 countries with new strains of epidemic, including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswatini. Mozambique and Malawi The impact on Thailand and Asia is still quite limited during this period.

The new strain of covid Affects financial markets due to the anxieties of investment psychology and the impact of a travel ban that wants to prevent a new species of “Omicron” from mutating in Afghanistan. Spread to other parts of the world like a “delta” from the mutation in India.

Dr. Anusorn said the Thai economy is likely to continue to grow positively this year, possibly below 0.5% and that tourism at the end of the year may not be as active as expected. As a result, tourism income both domestically and internationally did not meet the target.



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