A new strategy to prevent discrimination against electric vehicles… “I will create a debate in the United States”

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As Lee Jung-eun reported earlier, this summit is one of the hottest issues between the two countries at the moment.

The issue of discrimination against Korean electric vehicles will also be mentioned.

The prime minister, who visited the United States before the summit, predicted a new strategy, saying that he would try to make it controversial in the United States in some way.

Correspondent Wang Jong-myung from Washington will report.

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After the Deflation Act was passed, President Biden personally asked for American electric vehicles and promised to install 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, and even held a commemorative event to celebrate the passage of the law, paving the way for his achievements.

He even calls himself an ambassador for US electric vehicles every day.

[조 바이든/미국 대통령(지난 14일)]

“If you want an electric car that can travel far now, buy an electric car made in the US. If you want an electric car that charges quickly, buy an electric car made in the US .”

On the other hand, two weeks after the law was passed, the South Korean government visited one after another, starting with a joint government delegation, as diplomatic and trade officials raised the bar.

Minister Lee predicted a new strategy to create a debate within the US government by highlighting the issue of this law, if until now he had been appealing to the Biden government for damage to Korean companies.

The plan is to use a pressure strategy that can adversely affect major trade issues that Korea and the United States must cooperate with, such as the Indo-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the four-nation semiconductor alliance, and Chip4 .

[이창양/산업통상자원부 장관]

“If our relationship with Korea becomes a bit difficult because of issues like the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) or if domestic public opinion doesn’t improve, policy momentum can be lowered significantly in other broad frameworks, so we can be smart.”

To create debate, we intend to focus on the administration, as well as Congress, who have the power to amend the law, especially the Republicans, who have been opposed to the law all along.

[마이크 리/공화당 상원의원]

“This law may sound grandiose, but it will not reduce inflation, it will only make it worse.”

Minister Lee will meet with Commerce Secretary Gina Ramondo tomorrow to begin the pressure strategy.

Minister The following is normal.

Indeed, attention is focused on whether uncomfortable conversations may occur at this summit between Korea and the United States.

This is Jongmyung Wang from MBC News from Washington.

Video coverage: Park Ji-yoon (Washington) / Video editing: Ji-won Song

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