A new suit for special effects hero style has been added to PS4 “Spider-Man”. Supports save transfer to PS5 remaster –Engadget Japanese version


PS4’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man” now supports the transfer of save data to the recently released PS5 remastered version.

In addition, three new suits such as the special effects hero-style Arachnid Rider Suit will be available on PS4.



PS5’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered” is a remastered version of PS4 Spider-Man upgraded to match the performance of PS5.

In addition to graphic enhancements similar to the PS5 version of the new work “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, the frame rate (frames per second) that was up to 30 fps on PS4 even with PS4 Pro is now compatible with 60 fps. The main feature is that the action can be played with the smoothness of a gaming PC.

The remastered version is attractive not only for playing the PS4 version for the first time, but also for players who were playing the PS4 version but the main part was not finished due to side roads, and players who want to play the new game with the comfort of PS5 after clearing it. However, at the time of release, there was no data compatibility or takeover function from the PS4 version, so there was no choice but to start from the beginning.

With this update, you will be able to play on PS5 from where you saved on PS4.



The following steps are required to take over.

-Updated both PS4 Spider-Man and PS5 Remaster to the latest version.

-Start PS4 Spider-Man. On the save data selection screen, press the R1 button with the data you want to export in focus. Check the exported message.

-Start remastering on PS5. On the save data selection screen, select the slot you want to import and press the R1 button. Confirm if you want to import.

PS4 version Spider-Man and PS5 Remastered are treated as different games. So updating doesn’t mean that you can sync with PS Plus cloud saves.



The added suit

  • Armor Advance Suit

  • Alacnid Rider Suit

  • Amazing suit

Even PS4 version players who have not yet obtained the PS5 main unit or remaster will be able to use the new suit with the PS4 version.

The PS5 remastered version of “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered” is currently only available as a bonus with the PS5 version of the new Miles Morales Deluxe Ultimate Edition.

If you buy the regular version of PS5, you can upgrade to the Ultimate Edition for a fee and get it later for the difference.

If you bought Miles Morales on PS4, you need to first get the PS5 version with a free upgrade and then upgrade to Ultimate Edition for a fee. It cannot be purchased separately.

PS5 remastered version “Spider-Man”, save takeover from PS4 will be supported at a later date with an update


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