A new trailer for Rain Games’ 2D action sequel “Teslagrad 2” has been released, and a demo for Steam Next Fest is also available « doope!

It was announced in 2020 as a sequel to the 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer “Teslagrad”, and in August last year, it was decided to release for PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the spring of 2023. As for the new work “Teslagrad 2”, the new publisher Modus Games has released a new trailer of this work that includes unseen gameplay, and plans to present a free demo at the upcoming Steam Next Fest obviously. (Reference: Steam product page)

Set in the Scandinavian-inspired city of Wyrmheim, Teslagrad 2 is a Metroidvania about the adventures of young Teslamancer Lumina, which includes magnetic combat, Norse and Norse-inspired boss encounters, and new adventures. , textless visual storytelling, narration, and loading screens.

Discover a new tower standing in the magnetic north of Seri!

The young Teslamancer “Lumina” crash lands on the disturbing northern border of “Wurmheim”. Embark on a dangerous adventure and explore a huge deserted tower in a fjord valley in order to bring Lumina back to her hometown where her family is staying. Use your electromagnetic powers to survive the wild desert. Defend yourself from raiding Vikings, face vicious monsters based on Norse mythology, and defeat mighty bosses! Along the way, you’ll gain new skills and tools. It will undoubtedly help reveal the secrets of this land and unravel the dark past surrounding Lumina’s ancestors.

“Teslagrad 2” – Enjoy the sequel to the popular physics-based action game where electromagnetic power is the key to survival! With improved graphics, a bigger world, and new puzzle solving tools, Teslagrad 2 is a fresh and immersive puzzle action experience!

■ Characteristics of this work

  • The world’s first “Scandi” vania game, a combination of Scandinavia and Metroidvania. A magnificent steampunk x Scandinavian act, with orchestral songs inspired by Scandinavian folk songs and electro sounds.
  • Explore a rich world! Discover a wild unexplored world filled with beautiful and dizzying hand-painted 2D visuals, as well as collectibles, secrets, and story snippets to set the stage.
  • “Attract” the nature of the game! Test your puzzle-solving skills in stunning logic puzzles powered by real-time electromagnetic physics. A new gimmick using a bent magnet also appeared.
  • Let’s master smooth movement! Master all-new and classic skills, and combine Lumina’s abilities like Blink, Slide, and Magnetize to move quickly and deftly through the world and build momentum.
  • Epic boss battles! Use your honed skills to overcome pending bosses and unlock new abilities and explorable areas.
  • A story told visually. The story of Teslagrad 2 is told through visible objects. There is no text, dialogue, or loading screens that interfere with gameplay.
Information and image source: Steam

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